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New to wikis? Edit

  • If you are new to wikis, you may want to read the tutorial on the Central Wikia.
  • A list of most help pages can be found in Category:Help.

How to help out Edit

These tasks are our important, general tasks that need to be done. edit the list

Job ListEdit

These tasks are more one-time jobs that should be removed once completed

  • Expand BOL's external links section to include all BOL groups/channels/archives on different sites
  • Add links to the archived uStream video to the proper episode
  • Find and capture any good screen grabs from the uStream show and add them where appropriate.
  • Add links from [1] to the appropriate episode guides

Please add your own ideas or tasks

Maintenance Edit

These tasks can be always be worked on

Want to discuss stuff? Edit

  • If you want to discuss anything specific to an article, you can use the talk pages for that article.
  • For more general discussions you can use the forums

Some other interesting pages Edit

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