BOL 1000 artwork 90x90
1000 - Do we have to do 1000 more of these?
Thursday, June 18, 2009
Molly Wood, Natali Del Conte, Brian Cooley, Rafe Needleman, Brian Tong, Tom Merritt
Jason Howell
Veronica Belmont, Leo Laporte, James Hilliard, Scott Johnson

Because if we do, awesome. Today is our 1000th episode and we are so grateful that so many people came together to celebrate. Tomorrow we get back to regular tech news, but bear with us as we take several trips down memory lane, and entertain many well-wishes from various folks.

Stories CoveredEdit

Scattered reports of iPhone OS 3.0 update problems

Bill Would Ban Unfair Data Plans, Even For Mobiles

Fan submitted videoEdit

Mission Impossible –

Remy –

Dwight –

Aaron –

Frank L –

Dave B –

Angry French –

Elsie –

New York – Fans –

Macgyver –

Nicnetter and Phatemokid –

RogueTess –

Star Trek –

Roberto –

AnKH –

Mike L –

Doctor Who –

Chris K –

Pete from Norway –

Nate –

Adam in Seattle –

Andres –

Paul –

Shane –

Elliot –

Jody –

Dr. Karl –

Other stories not necessarily discussed on the showEdit

iPhone 3G S hits stores Friday: Will the crowds follow?

How to tether your iPhone running OS 3.0 without jailbreaking, for free

Why Hard Disk Is a Better Bargain Than SSD

Yahoo Is Now Resorting To Selling Killer Domain Names On The Cheap

City in Montana requires job applicants to hand over all social network logins and passwords for background checks

Radio chip inspired by human ear

TweetPsych: This is your brain on Twitter


Producer: Bonnie Gannon

Director: Kelly Hendricks

Technical Director: Chris Parker

FCP/Chyron: Mitch Chang

Sound mixing: Chris Pavey, Benito Suarez

Jib camera: Charlie Wagner (The Earthlink Guy)

Camera: James Phelan, Jamie Yee

Associate producer, floor manager: Lynn Fu

Prompter: Justin Lee

Audience manager: Andrew Mager

Craft services – Tony Fox

Stream producer: Justin Eckhouse

Graphics: Shaun Charity

Writer: Tom Merritt

Sound editing: Tom Merritt

Video editing: Kelly Hendricks, Mitch Chang

Audio studio producer/director: Jason Howell

Hosts: Molly Wood, Natali Del Conte, Brian Cooley, Rafe Needleman, Brian Tong, Tom Merritt

Guests: Veronica Belmont, Leo Laporte, James Hilliard, Scott Johnson

Extra NotesEdit

The chatroom (#CNETFans) got 1000 people at 11:20 PST / 2:12 EST & went up to approx. 1020 at 11:15 PST / 2:15 EST (unofficial)

Gknee one of the Admins/OPs from #CNETFans was featured in the audience during the show.

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