1159 - Wear clean underpants on the Internet
Thursday, February 4, 2010

We discover that the Internet is just as dangerous as outside, which means you need to wear clean underwear. Natali also invents the IPADBJ?RN for all you iPad-wanters who need to use it hands-free. And we declare Donald Bell Emperor Pimp of portable entertainment devices.

Stories CoveredEdit

Top Stories

iiNet slays Hollywood in landmark piracycase

Meanwhile Italy goes in the opposite direction

Amazon buys TouchCo

Monster buys HotJobs

Other Stories

Government Investigating Prius Brakes

iPad gets many textbook publisher deals

AT&T will allow Sling over3G

Young people don’t really blog anymore

Kickers and Science

Jailed Mobster Plays Real-Life Mafia Wars on Facebook

USPTO Won’t Accept Upside DownFaxes


Mike in Dayton on the portability of the iPad


Hey JaMoTo:

Wednesday you talked about how negligent certain enterprises are to continue using IE6. Well my current employer makes me use IE6 and will not let me upgrade. It’s so frustrating, espectially since dozens of websites — including facebook and twitter and youtube – remind me right at the top that I “may want to upgrade my browser.”

I may want to, but I cannot.

J.R. in Philly


You posed somewhat of a question in yesterday’s BOL episode about who still uses Netscape. If Netscape Messenger is considered part of Netscape the Browser, then look no further than your friendly neighborhood National Security Enterprise (formerly known as Nuclear Weapons Complex) facility.

Just a few months ago, we were still using Netscape to process classified emails. We finally switched to Lotus Notes. Now we’re waiting to get upgraded from IE6 and Office 2003.


After The CreditsEdit

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