1204 - Is the Kin Spot for real?
Monday, April 12, 2010
Kelly Hendricks

We're encouraged by several things about Microsoft's messaging phones, but the name isn't one of them. Especially naming a button on it the Kin Spot. But we did figure out what they're up to. We think. Also it's a bad day for developers as Apple and Adobe's fight somehow ends up with Adobe's CTO talking about swinign chickens, and Twitter angers its devloper crowd by acquiring Tweetie. At least the US is changing it's tune on ACTA... oh wait, no it's just getting worse on that too. We hate Mondays.

Stories CoveredEdit

Top StoriesEdit

Microsoft’s Monday phone event (live blog)

Palm puts itself up for sale, according to Bloomberg

Twitter Gobbles Up Tweetie

Twitter responds to developers, tries to calm fears

Adobe CTO calls Apple’s code change “protectionist,” “anti-consumer”

U.S. rejects demands for ACTA transparency

Other StoriesEdit

Don’t forget CS5 does a lot more than transcode Flash

Google adds site speed to search mix

Please do not change your password: You’re right, it’s a waste of time

Mexico Will Shut Down 25.9 Million Cell Phones

Kickers and ScienceEdit

Pitchman fights to avoid jail for egging on supporters to spam judge


Hey Buzz Crew,

I read that Netflix has signed another deal with more movie studios to delay new releases for 28 days. I understand in principle that they are giving in the get more instant streaming, however, I do not think that Netflix truly understands there customer base. I, and my friends who have Netflix, use it mainly for new releases. Occasionally we watch old movies, but the bulk of our movie watching is new releases. If I have to wait a month to watch a new movie, Netflix movies become less important, and I, as well as my friends, are considering dropping Netflix if we have to wait for new movies. Netflix needs to stop screwing over what is arguably the biggest part of their revenue, users who watch new releases. If this continues Netflix is going to have to change their new releases tab to “Movies that everyone else got to see a month ago, but you decided to keep Netflix and wait a month for no particular reason”.

Love the show

Greg from CT

USB 3.0 has nothing good to bring. For external drives eSATA is a much better interface, for everything else USB 2.0 works just fine.

If speed was what consumers wanted Firewire 800 would have been a success.

USB 3.0 should have had increased power output to be interesting to consumers. It is still below 5 watt (900mA@5V) more than USB 2.0 2.5W(500mA@5V) but not enough to support performance drives. Powered eSATA and Powered USB would be much more interesting for consumers.

This is no conspiracy or foul behavior on intel's part, this is common sense.

M?rten Kai-Larsen

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