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Thursday, April 22, 2010

On today's show, a perfectly innocent-sounding caller makes a terrifying suggestion, McAfee bricks a whole lot of computers all at once, including like 1,000 inside a hospital, and Dell (no, seriously, Dell) is apparently making some seriously drool-worthy phones. Rrrowwwrrr.

Stories CoveredEdit

Defective McAfee update causes worldwide meltdown of XP PCs

Dell Lightning: the ultimate Windows Phone 7 device leaks out

With: Dell Thunder: Android phone with 4.1-inch OLED screen and Hulu

Dell Looking Glass tablet leaks: Tegra 2 coming your way in November

Hulu testing a $9.95 per month subscription service

Android… On the iPhone (= flash on the iPhone?)

Capcom Testing New DRM With Final Fight: Double Impact

Ubisoft “always-on” DRM cracked (this one removes it completely)

Netflix: More than half of subscribers tap streaming video

MLB.TV plays ball live with Sony PS3

Study: brain games don’t make you smarter


Pablo from California may not quite understand Net Neutrality


Hey guys,

Just heard this on the grape vine that Cisco are currently working on a 7″ tablet device which will run Android. I guess that puts paid to my own hopes for a Cisco buyout of Palm, although it’ll be interesting to see how the market takes to an enterprise focused tablet device.

I believe it’ll be primarily a communications device with audio/video/webex collaboration as the primary differentiators, so expect to see front facing camera, probably dual mics for noise cancellation and vpnless remote access. No word yet on whether it’ll be 3/4g mobile wireless though.

Buzz on and love the show

XXX the anonymous tipster Ireland

Hi guys,

Recently much has been made of the iPad as a closed environment, and 2 points have been missed.

1) prior to the 80’s, computing consisted entirely of a “dumb” terminal connected to a mainframe. It was great for the time, because the structure kept the average user (without skills) from messing up the network for everyone. Fast forward to today… Devices like the iPad, and anything running Chrome OS replicate terminals connected to “the cloud” which is the modern mainframe.

2) If you consider how the average user has traditionally used a full computer, it has been through the use of apps such as Word etc. Most people don’t have the skills to manage the admin duties they assume as a computer owner. For these people, a closed system with a variety of apps is perfect. It will do what they want, and they can’t screw it up. Once people figure this out, they will flock to the iPad and similar devices, leaving the real computers to the people who know what they’re for.

Greg Wilson

Sent from my iPod

Hi Buzz crew,

no doubt you’ve gotten a hundred other E-mails about this at least, but on the 0.01% chance that you haven’t, check out these “Downfall” parody videos about the DMCA takedown notices: (as referenced from

I for one am one of the people who bought a DVD of “Downfall” as a result of seeing one of the early parody videos a few years ago. I found the acting performance compelling and did a bit of research to find what movie it had come from, and then bought the DVD as it was not available on Netflix at the time. I truly hope Constantin Films comes to their senses about the huge disservice they’re doing everyone, most of all themselves.

Thanks… Love the show!

- Tam

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