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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Between the legal drama playing out in the South Bay (Gizmodo raid! Dubious warrants! Potential counter-suits!) and the latest developments in the Infinity Ward/Activision internal drama (Involuntary labor! Withholding royalties and bonuses!), it's pretty much the Days of our Lives around here. Also, no Hulu in the UK, and Comcast gets a big, steaming pile of poo from its users. But at least it's Golden Poo.

Stories CoveredEdit

Microsoft inks patent licensing deal with HTC

… and claims Android steps on its patents

Android 2.2 will have native Flash…take that iPhone!

Apple buys Siri

iPhone “thief” has been identified by police…but we don’t know his/her name yet

Gizmodo may sue Santa Clara county

Apple sued over liquid sensors in phones

Infinity Ward staff sues Activision for $500 million

Hulu abandons UK plans after broadcast talks collapse

Terry Childs guilty of felony

Comcast awarded Consumerist’s “Golden Poo” award (thanks, Dr. Karl!)

We Have Met the Enemy and He Is PowerPoint (thanks, Jason)

Awwwww of the day: Ze Frank crowdsources a chillout song


Rabbit Eye - Task force gets its chance!

Anonymous - TV widgets are actually cool!



As someone who previously worked at Nokia, I have some insight as to why Nokia does not succeed in the US market.

1. Nokia does not produce high-end CDMA phones, which currently limits them to working with T-Mobile and AT&T. Perhaps this will be less of an issue when everyone goes LTE, but that is several years out.

2. Even when Nokia does decide to work with either T-Mobile or AT&T, assuming the phone makes it through the lengthy operator customization and approval process, the resulting device is a generation behind and, often times, neutered compared to the corresponding European version of the device.

3. Nokia does not make their phones available in enough retail outlets for people to actually try the phones out before they buy them, nor do they do any real marketing in the US to the masses.

I’ve heard plenty of years of lip service from Nokia about wanting to improve their market share in the US market. As far as I can tell, it’s just that–lip service.

Meanwhile, Nokia has a bigger problem than their lack of presence in the US market: their global market share for smartphones is on the decline. They are still clearly in the lead, but the trend lines don’t look good for Nokia. While the Nokia N8 looks promising, it remains to be seen whether or not that or future devices will win back any converts to the iPhone, Android, or others. Nokia really needs to shore up their products before they can even think about making a comeback in the US market.

Showing the love, loving the show,

– PhoneBoy

In response to that emailer that asked why we still refer to it as the cloud, I just want to remind everyone why we call it the cloud in the first place. It’s not to “dumb it down” or anything like that. In computer networking diagrams, the internet was always depicted as a cloud icon because the details of the internet were not important to the network being diagramed. This is just my two cents. And if anyone has more info on “the cloud” feel free to comment because I’m just pulling off the top of my head and the networking classes I took almost 10 years ago.



After The CreditsEdit

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