1222 - Nobody backs the FCC into a corner
Thursday, May 6, 2010

When backed into a corner, the FCC acts less like a bear and more like a kitten ... which is probably a good thing for the Internet overall. Facebook takes another lump, the HTC Evo shows up for pre-order at The Shack at all places, and Google Chrome is faster than a potato. Well, French fries, to be really accurate.

Stories CoveredEdit

New U.S. Push to Regulate Internet Access

Facebook patches security hole that exposed users’ instant messages

AT&T extends iPhone exclusive in quid pro quo, says analyst,2817,2363473,00.asp

HTC Evo pre-orders start this month at The Shack

Clearwire may dump WiMax, go to LTE

…also promises Clear-branded WiMax phones

Android phone + Google Goggles = universal translator?

Historic’ day as first non-latin web addresses go live

Google Chrome is faster than a potato


Matt from Baltimore: discovery!


On yesterday’s show, a few of you were bothered by Ellen’s response to the suspected Apple complaint. I think you missed the great big pink nuance in the room. In her response that you seemed to take as capitulation, she replayed the video that they were complaining about…on national television. I can’t imagine Apple being terribly happy with that. To me, it looks like she raised her middle finger while smiling lovingly at them. 3 Cheers for Ellen. LTS

Brian the…

Buzz Crew,

Missteps like Google’s Buzz may be costing Google business. UCD is my alma mater. :)

Oh wait, you guys probably already knew about this story:

Report: UC Davis ending Gmail pilot program

Officials at the University of California at Davis are deleting plans to consider using Google as a hosted e-mail provider.


After The CreditsEdit

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