1234 - Facebook is like a nude beach
Monday, May 24, 2010

Rafe hits us with the best Facebook analogy yet: it's like a nude beach that you have to go to, and also, it rips your clothes off. Also, we get all excited about WebOS in the HP slate until Rafe irrefutably proves how it's not going to work. And then Molly turns into Tom and says a "graduated response" to piracy from ISPs might not be that unacceptable. What!?

Stories CoveredEdit

Mark Zuckerberg speaks in the Washington Post

Zuckerberg: New Privacy Controls, But No Apologies

AT&T raises early termination fees on smart phones

Twitter bans 3rd-party ads in stream, clients

HP kicks Windows 7 to the curb, will use webOS in Slate

Zappos Screws Up Pricing And Sells Products At $1.6 Million Below Cost…Then Honors The Sales!

Eircom (Ireland’s biggest ISP) to cut broadband over illegal downloads

Warner Brothers sued for pirating antipiracy technology

Amateur sky watchers may have sussed out secret space droid mission

Today’s featured Buzz Out Loud remix at the end of the show: Thomas Canada!


Hey buzz crew.

I have noticed recently that if I find a person on Facebook who is not a friend of mine and they do not share their photos, I can goto my ipod touch and through the facebook app, I can view all of their photos. This is absolutely ludicrous. This does not happen with all people but for most people, it does. I’m sure there must be a setting somewhere in facebook, but what is it called? “”Only allow my personal information to be shared with mobile devices.”" I would like to change this privacy setting in my account but I don’t know what to look for. Thanks guys.


Drew the General Motors Automotive Technician from Canada.

Hi BOL Crew,

I am writing to accuse you of rampant hypocrisy. J’accuse, BOL, j’accuse! In episode 1233 there was an email from a listener who suggested that Google TV was pointless as all you had to do was run a 15 foot HDMI cable from your laptop….etc, etc.

Molly suggested that the Google TV is “”for Nana – because Nana is not doing this!”" Surely this is exactly the point of the Apple iPad that you’ve been so scornful of. Yes, a fully fledged desktop computer will allow you access to a command prompt and will give you the freedom to write your own applications – but your Nana ain’t doing that either! So let the listener hack together a media system that involves cables strewn across his living room floor and let him tinker with DOS until his heart is content. Meanwhile, Nana will be perfectly happy sending emails from her iPad and using her Google TV to watch her grandson taking his first steps on YouTube.

Absolutely LOVE the show so much so that I begrudge you having the weekends off! ;-)

Best wishes,


After The CreditsEdit

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