1235 - Build your own freakin' genome
Tuesday, May 25, 2010

If you don't like broad patents on potentially world-changing scientific developments like scientific genomes, well, then, build your own! Also, does the $97 iPhone 3GS mean the 4G model will be on sale at launch? And we find out why five inches just isn't enough. Sorry.

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Happy Geek Pride Day!

(And Towel Day)

Get a new 16GB iPhone 3GS for $97

Next iPhone will have video chat, Sam Mendes to direct demo video

AT&T Launches Free Wi-Fi In Times Square To Take A Load Off Its Battered 3G Network

Motorola Droid Shadow Found In Gym

Dell launches 5″ Android tablet on O2 in UK

HBO programming comes to PlayStation Network

Google PacMan a global productivity disaster

Report: Microsoft to restructure consumer unit

Microsoft’s Robbie Bach and J Allard leaving as part of broader shakeup; Xbox and Windows Phone teams now reporting directly to Ballmer

Patenting synthetic life will hamper research, Nobel-winner warns

NASA’s Phoenix Mars lander damaged, down for count

Today's featured Buzz Out Loud remix at the end of the show: Argyle Raver!


Mark from South Jersey on Palm Web OS


I’m kind of curious how Rafe thinks that the Palm Pre “”burned him.”"


a) bought a 1st generation device

b) that was only available on the 3rd largest cell network

c) from the smallest hardware manufacturer

d) that was the 4th high-end smartphone OS to hit the market; after iPhone OS, Android, and whatever the N97′s OS is called this week

C’mon Rafe, how could you not see this coming? What magic wand did you expect John Rubenstein to use to bring developers to the platform?

The only secret weapon Palm has is that it’s apparently a simple affair to port a 3D iPhone game to WebOS. Yeah, you heard me. Apple tries to keep people to port their apps to the iPhone and Palm makes it easy for iPhone apps to port to WebOS. And if the WebOS tablet uses the same resolution as the iPad, all the 3D iPad apps can be ported too.

At this point I want to see that on a commercial just to give Steve Jobs heartburn.

-James in Louisville

Just wanted to share my thoughts on the Irish eircom three strikes deal. Here in Ireland the options for downloading content dont exist like they do in the US it was only about three weeks ago that we got the option to buy Movies on iTunes. Now we seem to bee used as an EU test dummy to see if this works despite the fact that ireland has very little access to any music that isn’t from itunes. The Countries second largest ISP called UPC has said under no circumstance will they bow to pressure from the IRMA as there is no law that mandates this. Before these measures come in we at least need to be able to have a better system for actually buying content. Most of the people who Pirate are between 16 – 25 and don’t have credit cards and itunes doesn’t take laser/debit card leaving us with little option than to violate the copy right. So if this measure is to come in which it has today we should at the very least be provided with the options in the US & UK for downloading content


Padraic Angry Law Student

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