1239 - Google bans Windows
Tuesday, June 1, 2010

If Google told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it? And if you did it, would you seriously try to sue Google for telling you to do it? Oh, America. You're so messed up. In other news today, Google unofficially banned Windows from its campus; anonymous sources say the DOJ is expanding its Apple probe; iPad is totally winning; and nobody quit Facebook on Quit Facebook day. Quelle surprise.

Stories CoveredEdit

Google ditches Windows on security concerns

Apple probe grows; media deals eyed

Department of Justice Inquires Into Apple's Adobe Flash Policy

Piracy makes bank for hurt locker

Time Warner Cable “a good ISP for copyright infringers”

Skype 2.0 on iPhone not free over 3g

Charges for Skype 2.0 calling on iPhone put off until 2011

Asus Eee Pad, iPad Competitor, Unveiled

LG Shows Off Windows 7-Powered Tablet

Apple Has Sold Over 2 Million iPads

Quit Facebook Day Fails To Spark Mass Exodus

Evil scientists invent manhacks

Work starts in ?15m plan to get Concorde flying

Lauren Rosenberg sues Google, blames faulty Google Maps directions after being hit by car in Utah

Today's featured Buzz Out Loud remix at the end of the show: Terry Matula!


Mike the Developer – MacOS is only dev platform for iPhone


Well, there are quite a few of us who really like our Palm phone, and webOS.

For me I was very specific about what I need, and what I want. And the Palm Pre+ with webOS is the best choice for me.

I hope HP give Palm the muscle to keep fighting, before android or iphone catch up. Seriously, this is an amazing phone. I’d love to explain why if you are curious.

Tim Hoag

- Sent from my Palm Pre

Hey Buzz crew,

Yesterday I stopped into my local Sprint store to check out the Android OS and get some info on the EVO. Sadly, this one experience may have turned me off of Android all together, and definitely to Sprint.

I have three requirements for a smart phone, and the staff there couldn’t answer one of my needs.

Requirement 1: Podcast streaming. I asked if I could stream podcasts instead of downloading them and if there was a simple way to find podcasts. The staff’s response? “”What’s a podcast?”" Seriously, that was their answer.

Requirement 2: Audio books. The emplyee’s response was “”there’s a kindle app that does that.”" I kid you not! I found out it can’t do it, and that’s ok, but they couldn’t tell me that. I’m guessing the clerks there don’t read much of anything, including manuals.

Requirement 3: Easy to use. I handed my 7 yr old my IPhone 3G and she could use all the features, music, maps, apps after a 10 second tutorial. I swear, the staff couldn’t get maps to show up, couldn’t even find the music store, and couldn’t show me how to find apps using the one Android phone they had on site.

After all this, they clerk asked if I wanted to be on the list to guarentee I get an EVO next week. Somehow, I don’t think there will be much of a line.

Alan Gramont

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