1265 - Perfect Citizen
Thursday, July 8, 2010

On today's show, the NSA announces a new security program that's terrifyingly called "Perfect Citizen" but (at least on the surface) appears to be little more than a series of Star Trek red alert alarms. We're rightfully suspicious. Also, Flash is getting 3D, Pirate Bay is under attack, and the iPhone 4 antenna problem is a hardware issue. We knew that.

Stories CoveredEdit

Flash getting 3D

YouTube Mobile Goes HTML5, Video Quality Beats Native Apps Hands Down

YouTube Leanback offers effortless viewing

Pirate Bay Hack Exposes User Booty

Twitter Now the World’s Fastest Growing Search Engine

Apple confirms software update won’t fix iPhone 4 reception issues

Nokia pulls an Apple, enlists police to retrieve prototype N8 smartphone from blogger

New iPod Touch: 5MP camera and FaceTime incoming? Britain’s top sellers say so

Videogame-Device Makers in Talks About Portable 3G Connections

Report: NSA initiating program to detect cyberattacks

Crack the Code in Cyber Command's Logo

Solar plane completes historic 24-hour flight

Today’s featured Buzz Out Loud remix at the end of the show: Thomas Canada… again!


Anna from Texas: defeat the phishers


Hey, Buzz Crew.

I was kind of disappointed that Molly or one of the other ladies in the office wasn’t around to comment on the Blizzard Forums real-ID story. The reason I’m glad I left WOW before this change was implemented came up in the first page of comments on the official forums, in an epic post by player “”Patientzero.”"

3. GENDER: As a female this one bothers me a lot. Not only do I not want to be petitioned by random people for cyberlovin while I am playing a game, but more importantly I do not want to be a target offline. Most males my not understand the fear women have in today’s world about this but it is a real and genuine threat that does, sadly, happen. Women are stalked, hurt, even killed every day and we are taught from a young age to be careful and cautious when dealing with the unknown (aka strangers and the internet). It is a terrible reality about our society and I wish it wasn’t so but fact is it happens.

I have been occasionally harassed while in game for cyberlovin (cannot use the real words they use due to being banned on the forums if I do) and I have reported it when it does and Blizzard has never done a thing about it (repeat violations in some cases and their toons are still in the game with no repercussions). I can’t imagine what would happen if more of these perverts knew I was an actual girl. I shudder the think about it.

I know it’s a little “”serious business”" for BOL, but I had to throw in my two cents.

~GM in Japan


I recently tried the Firefox 4 beta. While its speed hasn’t leaped ahead from what it was it managed more tabs and labor intensive programs simultaneously better than Chrome and Opera. With twelve tabs open each needing to run something in the background I could still listen to heavy metal without it skipping or lagging in Firefox. In both Opera and Chrome I couldn’t listen to even classical music without it skipping or lagging under the same basic circumstances.

Greetings Jason,

When I heard you on Friday’s show (episode 1262) request the image of Scott’s magical voyage to the Land of ROCK, I knew the time had come. Donald’s description of the chosen one’s journey was foretold by the ancients “”For when the bell tells the tale, and kin is an epic fail, it shall be time to lift the final bar, from the vision of the magic keytar”".

But to provide such awesome imagery for all to see without any check of “”worthiness”" would be a disservice to all of Rockdom. So the ancients encoded the image in the most advanced form of protection available at the time, Magic Eye. Only those of the chosen shall be able to have their minds blown by the totes killer vision. (Sorry Rafe).

If this is read on the air I’m sure Molly would do a fitting rendition of the above text. Here are the links to the stereo image and depth map. The depth map was used to create the stereo image, and those that are having a hard time can see what they are missing by viewing the depth map. I used the free tool at to create the magic eye image.

Love the show,

Nick the developer

P.S. I am the person that created the 3D videos at SXSW 2009, what can I say, 3D can be fun.

Unicorn of Rock!! (submitted by __Q!)

After The CreditsEdit

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