1271 - Happy Bumper Day
Friday, July 16, 2010

We'll do you a favor and give you the news in a nutshell: free bumpers (even non-Apple bumpers) and full refunds within 30 days of purchasing your phone if you're still not happy. There you go. Also, Droid X is sold out, the Facebook movie is going to be cool after all, if the new trailer is to be believed, and it turns out Palm was in fact the belle of the ball for a while there, but RIM and Nokia both blew it. Plus: Drunk HULC!

Stories CoveredEdit

Free bumpers! But no fix, no Verizon

Apple refutes Bloomberg story, Bloom stands by it

Apple Tried To Buy Palm Before HP Won The Bidding War — And RIM Completely Blew The Deal

Apple, RIM, Google all bid on Palm?

Droid X sold out after the first day,2817,2366579,00.asp

The full movie trailer for Sorkin's The Social Network is out

MySpace gets a huge update with really slick profile pages.

Google tweaks Google News redesign amid ire

Spotify ‘growing healthily and on track for US launch’

Exoskeleton Moving Closer to the Field


The HIGH from a wave form is called a Bi-Neural beet. One freq in one ear and a slightly different beet in the other causes an offset in your BRAIN (BRAINS , mmmmmmm). 100Hz in the left ear and 105 Hz in the right gives you a cognitive beet of 5Hz, which is in the DELTA brain wave area. I use them to help with sleeping. I have had insomnia since I was a child an now I sleep semi-normally. Nothing is perfect and isn’t everything a trick of the mind?

Love the show. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!! (said in Molly’s screaming rock voice).


Live life

Don’t just observe it

Saw this the other day and had to snap a pic. The worst part: This Starbucks is literally next door to a FedEx/Kinkos. Protip: To avoid looking like a dork, use the $5 you spent on a venti mocha frap to print like a normal person.


Travis S


What would Unicorn of Rock's first album be titled?

Simien – OMG! Double Rainbow! One Unicorn!

Mike from Paso Robles – Four Horsemen of the Upocalypse

What is your favorite Nicholas Cage film?

Gone in 60 Second – resounding winner

The Rock – runner up

An app that you would design for your phone

Joe S – Molly’s Rantillator! Give it a tech gadget or service and it unleashes her rant about its shortcomings!! Add on packs available. The AT&T sucks pack will be a top seller.

Favorite Remix so far

8 bit news is good news

Kyoto Drums remix

Ted Isham’s remix

BSG Throat remix

Juno Suk

Benito Gonzales

What do YOU think happened to the email that Rafe was reading in the Google Doc? Tony Kwok – I think the Apple Forum moderators are to blame. Did the email reference Consumer Reports? Brent Quick – Tom Merritt still has access and was screwing around with you!

What have you done to be “that guy” in the past? Aaaaaand NOONE admits to being That Guy! How’s that for awesome! :)

After The CreditsEdit

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