1281 - Microsoft gets serious about tablets. Again.
Friday, July 30, 2010

Steve Ballmer admits Apple knows a thing or two about tablets. The U.K. government says it's sticking with IE 6 despite the entire world saying it's full of security holes. And the U.S. Congress, realizing it's out of money, wants to bring Internet gambling back to the U.S. so it can be taxed.

Stories CoveredEdit

Ballmer says Microsoft at work to rival iPad

Ballmer on iPad: ‘they’ve sold certainly more than I’d like them to have sold’

Microsoft: We are focusing on eight core businesses

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 beta due in September

UK Government rules out upgrading from Internet Explorer 6

Congress Rethinks Its Ban on Internet Gambling

Apple Patents Travel, Hotel and Fashion Applications

Facebook: No Plans To Give Search Engines Access To Facebook Questions

Google adds weather to Google Earth

RIM Said to Plan Tablet for November to Take on IPad

Copia announces $99 color e-reader

Sprint set to release 3G-enabling “case” for iPod touch

7 DNS keyholders – named

When 2 dinosaurs become 1

Today’s featured Buzz Out Loud remix at the end of the show: Chris!


Anonymous – Android auto-update


As I watched episode 1278, I saw yet another example of people not seeing the big picture. WHY oh WHY are we trying to make robots that imitate human actions? Why not train a snake to flip a pancake? It makes just as much sense.

ROBOTS ARE NOT HUMANS! Stop wasting countless hours and money trying to make them walk on 2 legs like us! Put some tank treads on those bad boys and be done with it. Screw flipping pancakes, put heating elements in both of the robots "hands" and let him grab a handful of batter and whip out a perfect pancake in any shape that you want!

The whole idea behind robots is to accomplish things that we as humans can't or won't do.... Stop limiting them to human standards...

Thanks and love the show!

Chris J. Sellers

The new blackberry, the 9780, is a slider phone featuring a physical keyboard AND a touchscreen able to be used while the phone is open or closed. There is a press conference featuring ATT on August 3rd I believe.

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

Friday: What was the last pic taken on Kodachrome?

Two people: A picture of the new digital camera he'll be using from now on

Monday: What would you do with the Higgs Boson if you found it? ”

KotaKity: If I could do anything with it, I would EAT it!

Anonymous: If I find it, it's going right in a box and being shipped to 235 Second St!

Tuesday: Trackpad, mouse, or nubbin?

Mouse, resoundingly.

Nubbin in second

Trackpad in third.

Wednesday: Should a jailbroken phone cancel the warranty?

Resounding no, though there was one yes?!

Thursday: What would you prefer in the new era of Blackberry? Stick with the hardware keyboard? Or touchscreen?

EVERYONE voted to for the hardware keyboard… but most people added that the ideal Blackberry is a combination of both.

After The CreditsEdit

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