1361 - Celebrity zombies on Twitter
Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Verizon's launching its LTE network on Sunday, the FCC is proposing a plan for Net neutrality tomorrow, and Google is about to take over the world EVEN MORE with its e-book venture (we're sure the EU is going to love that). Also, that deafening silence you hear on Twitter is the sound of a bunch of celebrities playing dead to raise money for AIDS. New meme: celebrity zombie impersonator accounts! Get yours today! --Molly

Stories CoveredEdit

Verizon to launch LTE network Sunday

Comcast’s letter to the FCC

Good FAQ on the whole issue

FCC chairman to propose plan for net neutrality

Google set to launch e-book venture

Kindle Feels iPad's Heat, Sees E-Reader Lead Going Up in Smoke

“Hacktivist” claims responsibility for Wikileaks DDoS

The Pirate Bay Co-Founder Starting P2P-DNS

Nook Color Rooted -- Will B&N Embrace the Tablet?

iOS 4.2 supports technology for reducing network congestion

Quick HitsEdit

Twitter trusts, no longer verifies

Virgin Media TV powered by TiVo coming mid-December

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes launches Jumo, social network for social activism

Groupon Board Will Meet Tomorrow To Decide On Google Deal


All signs point to a PSP phone on Dec. 9

Google Earth Adds 3-D Trees

Science NewsEdit

NASA update?

Calm down: NASA hasn’t found any aliens

Happy EndingEdit

Women want Apple’s iPhone, men prefer Google Android, Nielsen finds

World AIDS day: celebs go “dead” on Twitter

Feedback LoopEdit


Eric: more Kinects than …


As for the Kinect, the same way that the people speculated that the porn would be the deciding factor between the new HD-DVD or BluRay DVD technology, perhaps the porn industry will make the Kinect's already impressive popularity, um, explode. Talk about interactive gaming...

Getting the visual yet? You're welcome.

Love the show!

Jim San Diego


Hey BOL Crew,

Why don't we change the name from "Net Neutrality" to "Net Discrimination". I think it has the same meaning, but discrimination is something we can all understand (even the non-tech folks). People need to be educated about this and I think it will be easier to understand if there was a familiar name.


Buzz Crew:

I am not sure if this is old news I stumbled upon but I found out today that Google Translate can beatbox. Check out the following link:

I saw the story on but I dont know the original source.

Hope you enjoy! Love the show!


BOL crew:

Oh, dear. The letter from the med student in the Nov. 30 episode shows that TD needs to spend a little more time studying. Telomerase is not located on the ends of your chromosomes, telomeres are. TD is correct that part of it is lost during each cell replication, but telomerase is the enzyme that is used to build it back, not the lost portion itself. A telomere is like the aglet on the end of a shoelace keeping the end of the chromosome safe, and every time a cell divides a portion of it falls off just like aglets tend to fray over time. Telomerase is like superglue that holds the aglet on so that the shoelace is useful for a longer time (that is, the cell can divide more times total).

(Sorry for sending two separate emails instead of one. This is what I get for emailing before listening to all the episodes)

(side note: if you google “”what is the thing on the”", “”end of a shoelace”" is the second auto-fill suggestion. “”Patriots field”" is the first.)


After The CreditsEdit

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