1375 - Happy Holidays, rights-holders! Thanks for ruining everything!
Tuesday, December 21, 2010

On today's show, our cogent analysis of the FCC's Net neutrality regulation adoption (actually, I mean that), with surprisingly little argument. Also, the PlayStation phone and the Nintendo 3DS are planning to spoil our CES parade by announcing their cool gadgets after the big show. And Apple proves that it is Wiki-weak. Plus, our holiday thank you cards go out to those Scrooge-like rights-holders who keep shows off Google TV, Hulu Plus and Netflix off cable-supplied TiVo DVRs, and Google Maps off our Verizon phones. Seriously. Thanks for that. Xoxo. --Molly

Stories CoveredEdit

Net neutrality vote? Live stream here:

Genachowski’s full statement, with bullet points about the rule

EXCLUSIVE: PlayStation phone to hit shops in April

Nintendo To Reveal 3DS Details On January 19

Apple removes Wikileaks app from app store

'Microsoft: more than 1.5 million Windows Phone 7 phones sold to date'Bold text

IDC: Windows Phone 7 marketplace ramping up "faster than Android"

New Apple TV Sales to Top One Million This Week

Roku CEO: Sales Doubled When Apple TV Launched

No Hulu Plus for Your Cable DVR

Quick HitsEdit

Android 2.3 coming soon to Nexus One

Swype opens its beta

S.E.C. Is Investigating Hurd's Departure as Chief of H.P.

Apple to drop app downloads from site next month


Motorola Video Teases CES Honeycomb Tablet Launch,2817,2374581,00.asp

Ben Heck builds ruggedized PS3 to be used in Afghanistan

Science NewsEdit

Israeli air force sonic booms ignite crocodiles’ sex drives

Happy EndingEdit

The 57 (!) lamest tech moments of 2010

And the most pirated film of 2010 is …

Feedback LoopEdit


Javier: Isn’t there a way around the Google TV blockade?


Molly & Buzz Out Loud Crew:

I live in North Dakota, near Fargo, and we are getting AT&T 3G service soon. As part of the Verizon/Alltel merger, Alltel was divested to AT&T state wide. The local Alltel stores are currently or have just been converted to AT&T stores. There have been iPhone displays around too, including Walmart. The switch is supposed to happen in January, but I have some friends who have received letters saying that they will switch in March. Anyways though, I would never even think of switching to AT&T, because my Droid 2 Global gets 2.2Mbps on Verizon, who seems to be EVERYWHERE!

Anyways, love the show,

Jed H. North Dakota

Have you every heard of “Operation Match”? In 1965 some Harvard students had the idea of letting a computer arrange compatible dates. Questionnaires were spread among students, the answers punched on IBM cards and run through an Avco 1790 mainframe computer and the resulting names of “”compatible”" individuals sent to the clients.

This system soon spread to various European countries and in sometime in the late ’60s my mother was waiting at a train station in the Netherlands for a man that had been selected for her by a computer. This all worked out very well; in 1972 they married and two years later I was born.

So I guess it’s safe to say that I’m among the first generation of people born out of computer(-facilitated) love.

(*) articles about Operation Match:

After The CreditsEdit

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