1409 - Team Watson vs. Team Anonymous
Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In the news today, Apple's subscription rules raise hackles among developers, us, and possibly the Justice Department; meanwhile, Verizon iPhone sales appear to disappoint. Is Apple having a bad day? It's probably just solar flares. Also, the Motorola Xoom price is announced: not that bad. Nokia delays its Windows-based phones to sometime after October: very bad. Worse, even. And we're getting pretty worried about Anonymous, the Internet's own unstoppable secret police. Maybe Watson can save us. --Molly

Stories CoveredEdit

Apple’s Subscription Rules Raise Possible Antitrust Issues

Apple's New Subscription Model: Pros and Cons

Rhapsody won’t bow to Apple’s subscription policy, issues statement

Report: Apple remains king of app-store market

Google to launch subscription service

A simple way for publishers to manage access to digital content

Boy Genius Report: Verizon iPhone sales fail to meet expectations

Motorola XOOM pricing details confirmed

Full-duplex radio breakthrough can double Wi-Fi capacity

Nvidia pushing tablets to quad-core chip this year

Nokia to delay Windows phone beyond October

Is Microsoft Zune about to be Kinned?

Google's Schmidt: We Would Have Loved for Nokia to Adopt Android

Attacked By Anonymous, HBGary Pulls Out of RSA

Quick HitsEdit

Round 2 goes to Watson; humans still have another chance

Angry Birds Windows Phone 7 and 3D confirmed

Mapquest Takes On Google Navigation With Free Android App

HTC Flyer tablet hits for 669 euros

AT&T CEO speaks out against Apple's App Store

Kobo Reassures Its E-Book Customers After Borders Declares Bankruptcy

Science NewsEdit

Sun Emits Most Powerful Solar Flare in Four Years

Feedback LoopEdit


Sam in Puerto Rico and Apple’s In-App subscriptions


Hey Buzz crew, I used to own an iPhone on AT&T until I recently switched to Verizon and now pack a Droid X. I love my Droid X, except, I always have to wait until I am using WIFI to download my podcasts. Why? Because the download speeds of Verizon simply suck in comparison to AT&T. While on AT&T I would be able to download a BOL podcast in about 5 minutes, on Verizon it takes me about 15-20 minutes. I get so frustrated with the wait that I just give up on trying to download it over 3G.

Today a co-worker told me about the FCC Test app he found on the iOS App Store and said I should look for it on the Android Marketplace and that we should compare speeds. Him on an AT&T iPhone, and I on my Verizon Droid X. The results were horrible for me! His download speed was more than DOUBLE my speed! I have included screenshots of my findings. I hope you guys can make the public aware and maybe a little stirred up, so that Verizon brings it up a couple of notches. When I need my BOL fix, I can’t wait no 20 minutes.

PS Love the effin show!

{ Cesar the Store Analyst }


Hi buzz crew,

I was listening to episode 1408 and it dawned on me, if Apple is going to make the iPhone 5 a 4″” screen, then they could technically bring out a 3″” iPhone mini with the same resolution as the 3GS and it would be still be usable, unlike something that is 2/3rds the size of the current phone. I still wouldn’t buy it, but it could work.

Love the Show

Dan from Adelaide, South Australia looking forward to an iPhone 6 on Telstra’s LTE network in 2012.

After The CreditsEdit

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