1412 - Don't kill the URL bar, Google!
Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Today in hot, fresh, buzzy news, don't panic: Libya can fire guns at protesters from helicopters, but it can't turn off all your links. Phew, right? Also, even though the Motorola Xoom might not have Flash the day it comes out of the box, it'll have it within two weeks, so that's also a calm-down story. Plus, Amazon launches its Prime streaming service, Microsoft offers a Kinect SDK, and Apple might give a tiny little window of opportunity to Android tablets. Plus: save Chrome's URL bar! --Molly

Stories CoveredEdit

Why Libya can’t shut down

Internet ‘kill switch’ bill gets a makeover

Motorola Xoom will ship without Flash support on Feb. 24th, coming in March

Flash 10.2 available to Honeycomb tablets in a 'few weeks,' Motorola Xoom shipping without it

Amazon launches Prime Instant Video, unlimited streaming for Prime subscribers

Apple new subscription rules now upsetting developers, too

An Open Letter to Apple from Readability

Apple New iPad Shipments May Be Delayed, Yuanta Analysts Say

Is Apple working on building a TV?

Microsoft announces plans for Kinect SDK

CBS, Netflix Sign Two-Year Content Agreement

PS3 hacker raised all the legal funds needed to beat Sony in a weekend

Quick HitsEdit

Intel lists new Sandy Bridge mobile chips

BMW to Create Sub-Brand For Battery-Powered Cars

2011 Geneva Motor Show: Nissan ESFLOW Concept Live Photos, Gallery 1

Google is thinking about killing the URL bar

Science NewsEdit

Plastic fantastic! Carrier bags ‘not eco-villains after all’

Happy EndingEdit

Egyptian Man Names Daughter ‘Facebook’

Facebook app lets you stalk — er, monitor relationships

Playable Angry Birds birthday cake


Feedback LoopEdit


Dear Buzz Crew: You may remember me, I'm Siavash from Tehran, one of the few Persian listeners to your amazing show since Veronica was around, I have missed few episodes but I have always been a fan. Just wanted to say that Valentine is not international ( to answer Molly Wood ) at least not in Iran, we do celebrate Valentine, but on 18th of February we have a day called " Sepandar Mazgan " it's been the day of lovers and cherishing who you love since 2500 years ago in Persia. So , we celebrate the 18th of Feb and we call the 4 days from Valentine to Sepandar Mazgan the " 4 days of LOVE" ? Unfortunately this year, all lovers took each other hand and took a walk , not on a date , but to stand in front of Iranian regime to protest for our freedom.

Anyways, I love the show.

Siavash Ghahremany


Hello Buzz team! I am an enthusiastic long time listener but I seldom email. Today however, I have once again had my weekly MPAA Police encounter.

Every once in a while the intellectual property/copyright police talk comes up. Before this year I’ve never really felt their presence but now I do on a daily basis. I am a college student living in an apartment building off campus. My building is one of the largest, and my university (Cornell) has had run-ins with the MPAA and RIAA in the past over our school’s file sharing network. Everyday when I get back from class, I see a new notice on the message board in the lobby About once a week there is a particular kind of message; this week’s reads:

“Attention! Someone in Eddygate (my building) IS or WAS uploading the movie “”THE FIGHTER.”" STOP NOW!!! PARAMOUNT PICTURES WANTS YOU!!!”"

See the attached picture if you do not believe me!

Last week it was “”SONY PICTURES IS WATCHING YOU!”" for some other movie.

Are they now threatening college students specifically? Are the movie studios calling our building? Are they threatening our landlords (well someone needs to, they are ripping us off, but anyways…)? Are they possibly monitoring our specific building?

Now, we cannot get onto our schools file sharing network if we are not on campus so the movie studios must me looking at other networks. I don’t file share myself but a lot of my friends do. Does this happen in other places? Are they really going through the effort to contact landlords and apartment managers to tell their residents to stop committing the ultimate evil?




Hey Buzz Crew,

Just pre-ordered my Motorola Xoom. I was surprised when the store clerk handed me a $50 gift card. When I asked the Best Buy Employee, he told me that all Xoom Pre-Orders come with a $50 gift card, dropping my price to $750. I thought I would pass this along, so that anyone else wanting a Xoom can take advantage of it.

Hiram Salt Lake City

After The CreditsEdit

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