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002 - Fixing PCs the Fonzie Way
Thursday, April 7, 2005

Fixing PCs the Fonzie WayEdit

Hey there's my house; IM: the next Danger Zone; Duke dumps iPod giveaways; Man arrested for spending 2 dollar bills

Stories CoveredEdit

  • Ontrack data recovery service did a survey on how people respond to computer issues (broken). 7% of people resorted to violence. 32% did nothing helpful, such as yelling and sweet talking their PC's. Tom and Molly discuss their opinions on arguing with their tech.
  • Google unveils Google Maps with satellite imaging. Molly wishes for live view so she can watch people walking about, and they discuss Google Maps vs. Terra Server. Tom thinks there should be animations of his route to and from work.
  • 250% rise in IM viruses, spam, phishing attacks, etc. Molly reports that she has been getting spam since her ICQ days. Tom reports that now, clicking on links is not always safe, where it was in the past.
  • Duke university gives away iPods to its students. In 2004,they gave away 1600 iPods, but in 2005, they only give them to those who require them.
  • Guy arrested for spending $2 bills at a Best Buy. He failed to pay a bill, and was threatened with arrest. He went to the store, and attempted to pay with $2 bills. At first, they would not accept them, and then had him arrested. He was placed in handcuffs and leg irons, and carted off to jail. Secret Service validated the bills.


  • "Never shake a monitor!" - Molly
  • "I like to chide my computer" - Tom
  • "It seems like every day there's big news from Google" - Molly
  • "Two nights in the pokey" - Tom

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