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Thursday, June 1, 2006

Looks like the Wii might trump the PS3 in both price and launch date! Good deal!

Nintendo Wii Launch Date?Edit

Stories CoveredEdit

News on the Nintendo Wii. Possible launch date of November 06, 2006.

The Pirate Bay will be back after a server raid took them off line.

All Things Digital Conference. Bill Gates denies Xbox going to be on a portable player.

Yahoo continues to work on user generated video content, as well as aggregate video from multiple sources.

A couple went into a Best Buy to upgrade a hard drive which ended up at a flea market in Chicago even though it was promised to be wiped clean and or destroyed by Best Buy.'s Thomas Green sneaks into the ISS World Conference, a wire tapping trade show featuring mass communications intercept gear.

T-Mobile Sidekick 3 debuts June 26th.

The extortion virus that hijacks your files and asks for money for the password has been cracked and the password distributed widely online.

The $100 laptop is now $130.

Tom likes the new version of Ubuntu.

Voice MailEdit

Laurence from Indiana: About the DS Lite story, confirms Target had them 2 weeks early.

Peter from Seattle: Snakes and Wal-Mart. A lady was bitten by a snake in a flower pot while shopping.


From Florida Mike: Trailers for "Snakes On A Plane" are being shown before viewings of the X Men movie.

Corey W. had a tech at the Apple store reinstall OSX and complained to the tech his laptop was to hot set on his lap whereas the tech said laptops are now notebooks, not to be set on your lap.

Carl the Med Student: More people have died on an airplane throwing blood clots than playing video games. eg. 10 people died in Korea playing video games in 2005.

VJay (one half of the boys from Boston), wrote in with a link to a Wired article about Net Neutrality. One point in the article; the Net has never been totally neutral, but that may be misunderstood as to give cable and telephone companies free reign.

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