003 - Death of Voom
Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Death of VoomEdit

When to play the rebate game; Xbox does MTV; Intel's dual core chips to land first?

  • Point of Interest > Tom delivers his first segue ever, to Molly's approval. Both Tom and molly congratulate each other for being such sweet broadcasters.

Stories CoveredEdit

Voom, the satellite hi-def system is finally dead that was a competitor to DirectTV/other satellite companies. Apparently, only 45 000 subscribers existed, but had a very vocal fan base. Molly saw their demonstration at CES 2004, and loved it. Molly thinks the average viewer is not ready for HDTV, Tom disagrees.

Tom does an investigation of rebates, stating that some are scams, and many make completing rebates very difficult. CompUSA recently had welshed on rebate payouts, but Tom blames the company that was handling rebates, as few company really does their own rebates.

New Xbox rumors, but Molly does not feel that she needs to upgrade, as she just purchased her original Xbox. It will be revealed on May 12, on an MTV special hosted by Frodo. Molly feels that she is already to old to be playing Xbox. Tom and Molly debate whether or not Frodo is actually cool. Tom is surprised, as he thought that Xbox would die before its second edition.

AMD and Intel are in the race for dual core chips, and Molly thinks they will be terrible, as they are being rushed out the door. Intel is rumored to be ahead in the race.


  • Rob Language labs can be a thing of the past with MP3 books of Duke Universities free iPods.


  • Clearly, the new Xbox is not aimed at me - Molly Wood (who purchased the mentioned product in 2007)
  • "Good Segue; Thanks, I worked hard on that one" - Molly & Tom
  • "I figure my time is worth about $20/hr" - Molly
  • "Is there a hobbit inside this Xbox?" - Molly
  • "Want to get REALLY geeky? (Molly declines)" - Tom

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