352 - Goodbye, Mac guy?
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Thursday, November 9, 2006

Goodbye, Mac guy?Edit

Despite the fact that you were snarky, and that you may have actually turned people away from switching to a Mac with your attitude, we\'ll still miss you. It wasn\'t your fault! The PC was just so...likeable. But we hear Linux is looking for a guy; we\'ll pass along their number.

Stories CoveredEdit

  • Zune profits go to record label [1]
  • Google CEO ý take your data and run [2]
  • Google accidentally sends out e-mail worm [3]
  • Australian gov't draft says piracy stats are made up [4]
  • New Nielsen data reveals that when delayed viewing is fully taken into account, ratings actually soar [5]
  • Microsoft drops Xbox update clanger [6]
  • Sony sticks with PS3 pricing in U.S. [7]
  • PS3 lines already forming In America [8]
  • IEEE working on new laptop battery standards [9]
  • U.S. is broadband laggard, according to FCC commissioner [10]
  • NTP gets a taste of its own medicine [11]
  • Congressional elections and copyright reform: new Dem IP chair [12]
  • Apple ditches Mac guy in new ads...maybe [13]
  • Salt Lake City plan may turn sewer waste to energy [14]

From The PhonesEdit

JP in Atlanta Edit

Veronica, I hate to bust your bubble, but check the tech specs on the new MacBook. It has integrated video with 64MB of memory. MacBook Pro has way better graphics, so no WoW with a decent frame rate.


Borat predates Mahir--Bryan in Burbank Edit

Just in case 200 people haven't already sent this to you, the "Links with Borat" section of Mahir's Wikipedia entry says that the Borat character has been in development since 1994 and appeared in Borat's Guide to Britain in 1997, using the trademark look and lines. I'm not sure if that's true or not, seeing as it's only been added in the last day or so, but since it's on the Internet, it must be true. Borat FTW.

Can I run Windows Vista? Should I?--Jorge Edit

Just received a mail entitled "Exploring Windows: Is your PC ready for Windows Vista?" Went here to download the Windows Advisor in order to let me know if I can use Vista. It was not an online test but an .msi file to execute. Done that. Then, it says I don't have a MSXML installed, something I've never heard off and that it is presented only with the initials, not a full name. Followed the link, then do "download". There are 3 files, which one of those I should install is not explained. Downloaded and installed it. Then, on with the Advisor.... neh!! It needs something called .NET (as I read in the post, Scoble said there is no such thing in Vista, so why???). OK, now downloaded it and installed it. Installed the advisor...started it...then a more white than usual window appears.... says "start scan" but as soon as I place my mouse there...."Script Error". OK, perhaps I should not install their next product, should I?

Samsung hybrid monstrosity defender--Jason Edit

Just a quick note on the new Samsung SPH-P9000. This is a brilliant device. It addresses all of the issues that you have with laptops, cellphones, and all the in-between devices. This device does what all the others were trying to do. Laptops are too big for comfortable portability. Cellphone screens and keypads are too small for any real usability. Most have dismissed the device out of hand without really stopping and considering what it is and what it can do. This is what mobile computing should be. Discuss. :)

Human-cow hybrid causes dilemma--Shalin Edit

As an engineer and a Hindu (a faith in which cows are sacred), I think the cow-human hybrid is either really offensive or on the other side, perhaps creating a more divine being. I'M SOO TORN...'cause it's soo freaky-weird! :-S Wow--hiding in a cave and meditating for a few years on this issue has just crossed my mind. Donýt worry, if I go in I'll let you know before hand...

Zune at EB Games--Alex in Seattle Edit

I was at an EBGames store in downtown Seattle when I saw a Zune Display on the floor. I'd walked into EBGames because I saw a Wii, which I was able to play after giving up my firstborn (learner's permit). (The guy yelled at me when I took the handstrap off to change the way the Wiimote was oriented.) I looked at the floor behind the counter, and saw a Zune Display, complete with a Zune! Though I knew that they had already been seen in Best Buys, I was surprised to see it in an EBGames. I guess Microsoft is trying to pass it off as a gaming console. Love the podcast.


Buzz Out LoudEdit

I don't really care for this new part of the column. It seems clunky and in my way. by SiberTater (See profile) - November 10, 2006 8:28 AM PST

Macbook- WOW fpsEdit

The macbook can run WOW just fine at a good fps by halfassed (See profile) - November 9, 2006 6:23 PM PST

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