473 - Microsoft vs. the free world
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Monday, May 14, 2007

Microsoft vs. the free worldEdit

Microsoft is taking on open source, but we\'re not entirely sure why. Could it be jealousy, or the innate need to crush all competition? Turn away from the dark side, Microsoft!

Stories CoveredEdit

  • Microsoft says free software violates 235-plus Windows patents [1]
  • Symantec: Malware can hijack Windows Update, bypass firewall [2]
  • Inside AMD's Phenom architecture [3]
  • LG.Philips develops world's first color e-paper [4]
  • DVD burning licensing delayed over copy protection specs [5]
  • Online video no threat to TV, YouTube tells Congress; Cuban stresses need for Net neutrality [6]
  • Emoticons carry cultural baggage [7]
  • Google find 1 in 10 sites loaded with malicious software [8]
  • Why Google is making us dumber [9]
  • IT crowd coming to NBC [10]

From The PhonesEdit

Dan from OhioEdit

Bacteria could survive in space.

Ted in ChicagoEdit

eBay getting treated as pawn shops too?


Comcast TiVoEdit

Hey guys... I blogged about the Comcast TiVo for you when I was on the Backstage Crew at CES. Note from the picture it's not exactly like TiVo, but it's still distinctly TiVo. The guide is a little different (similar to how DirecTV TiVo had a custom guide), and the box will incorporate provider- specific functionality (like Comcast's OnDemand service). Worth noting: the ThumbsUp/ThumbsDown buttons on the remote.

Regards, Richard

Kraken's and Hawaiian timeEdit

Veronica, I have failed miserably! Your background ninjistics during all references to "Fightin' Harry McKracken" had my son and I rolling! I've replayed them several times just to relive the mirth. I trust you also made the appropriate gestures for authenticity's sake?

Tom, during your plug for the CNET Live shows, you say "X o'clock Eastern, X o'clock Pacific, and X o'clock Hawaiian." Careful there, buddy. There's a huge difference between "Hawaii Standard Time" and "Hawaiian Time". Hawaiian Time is when your work day starts at 8, but you show up at 10--regularly. It's a lifestyle.

Absolutely loving the show--you all never fail to entertain and, most importantly, inform.

Peter in Waikoloa

Laptop batteriesEdit

Hey Buzz crew, I am a huge fan of the podcast, and I have a question about laptop batteries. Is it better to keep the battery in the laptop when on AC power? Someone told me it is better to keep it out of the computer when it has AC.

Let me know. Thanks,


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