529 - Send us to space
Wednesday, August 1, 2007
Tom Merritt
Jason Howell
Bonnie Cha

With Molly gone, we actually had three people who would definitely go to space on today's podcast. Jason Howell, Bonnie Cha, and myself all would be willing to ride a rocket. Now we just need a rocket. But we won't have much money left after we bid on the 700 MHz spectrum, which will be partially open, so why wouldn't we want it? Outside of the need for billions of dollars to run

Topics Discussed Edit

FCC sets 700MHz auction rules: Limited open access, no wholesale requirement

Apple schedules Mac event for next Tuesday

Report: New iPod Nano out next week

Apple unloads torrent of patches, plus the first iPhone update

Eminem sues Apple for copyright infringement

Sport leagues accused of deceptive warnings

Sony to add DVR capabilities to the PS3 in 2008?

Wi-Fi spam man avoids can

My Damn Channel: Video sharing for the pros

Hacked passport crashes readers

NASA ponders manned near-Earth asteroid visit

Voicemail Edit

  • Anonymous - Blu-ray discs do have data closer to the surface
  • Annesh Vestal - Video stores use repair services.

E-Mails Edit

For Molly re: iPhone

From: iPhone Atlas 7/31/07

Another fix for stuck sliders

We previously reported on an issue where the iPhone's unlock slider gets stuck. That is, when attempting to unlock the iPhone--as is necessary when waking the device manually, or when receiving a phone call--the slider does not respond to touch, refusing to move across and properly perform an unlock. Our previously posted solutions include resetting, restoring and closing applications before locking.

It now appears that the fix, in some cases, is to simply press the Home button once before attempting to move the slider. Though the iPhone is ostensibly awake when the screen activates and the slider appears, it may not be fully responsive (again, in some cases) until the home button is pressed.

iPhone Atlas reader Conor McCaffrey writes:

"Whenever the slider is stuck, if you look at the top of the screen, you will notice that the info bar (time, signal strength) isn't there. Press the Home button on the iPhone and it will appear, and then you can slide it. The phone seems to be half asleep."


Hartford and New Haven

Contrary to popular belief, most parts of Connecticut are not superwealthy. Hartford is one of the poorest cities in the country, and while it does have several rich communities in its metro area, most of the surrounding towns are low- to middle-class suburbia. And while New Haven may seem rich because of its association with Yale, it, too, is quite poor. I'm bothering to write this silly e-mail because I resent the reputation Connecticut has for being ludicrously wealthy and really preppy. That image is true for mainly southwestern Connecticut (whose collective wealth is responsible for making CT the richest state in the country), however, the rest of the state is mostly middle-class with many poverty-stricken communities.

- Evan from Hartford

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