551 - NBC = Not Being Cool
Friday, August 31, 2007
Tom Merritt, Molly Wood

NBC = Not Being CoolEdit

NBC is not being cool in several ways today. First, they apparently tried to get Apple to let them charge $4.99 per episode for TV show downloads on iTunes--not cool. Then, when Apple wouldn't cave, they pulled all of their shows off iTunes starting in December--not cool. And they're going to try to get you to buy them from their new site, Hulu, which might be cool someday, but it's not yet. Oh, and they're probably going to be really, really expensive there. Say it with me now: not cool.

Stories Covered Edit

NBC says 'bye to iTunes, hello to piracy and lost revenue

Apple expected to unveil a new iPod

New Zunes come with bad timing

Sony pleads innocent in latest rootkit fiasco

Sony: All remaining 60GB PS3s are on store shelves,136535-c,gameconsoles/article.html

Dutch royals caught revising Wikipedia

Google, public policy groups want to make "open access" a reality at 2.1GHz

Survey shows more women blogging than men

Artificial life may be possible within 10 years

Heads spinning over 200-yard spider web

Voicemail Edit

  • Dan from Ohio - Here's what wakes me up.
  • Jeff from San Francisco - Here's some work for you.
  • Anon. - Nokia N95 hater


Scientists demonstrate 'Star Wars'-ian holographic messages!

How cool is this? And the fact that they rendered a ___________ (popquiz, what is it, Molly?) for the picture, just gives them even more uber-1337 cred! "Researchers at USC have taken another step towards that holiest of sci-fi dreams: the 3D holographic display. Using a spinning mirror covered with a "holographic diffuser," a special DVI implementation, and a high-speed projector, the team's device can project a three-dimensional image that can be viewed from 360 degrees--regardless of the viewer's height and distance. That's impressive, but that spinning mirror looks pretty dangerous."

Via engadget.

Have a great day,

Dr. Karl PS:

Buy more Merritt!!!

OMG! 3D display without special glasses, uses spinning mirror

All I gotta say is W-O-W! this would be sooo cool to use for 3D drafting/animation.

Things get very interesting ~1 minute into this video...and continue to get more interesting...



A quick note on evidence

I wasn't going to send this one in, because I was sure someone else would have sent this in, but I guess not. From episode 549, Steve Largent is a Hall of Fame wide receiver, NOT a quarterback. Steve held all the major receiving records (yardage, catches, touchdowns, consecutive games with a catch) until a variety of receivers (most notably Jerry Rice) broke them. Not too important, but since he is a Hall of Famer, I figured it was worth a "Well, actually." Also, Molly's right that a speeding video on YouTube isn't conclusive, but no evidence is ever really conclusive. At some point it comes down to whether juries and judges are going to believe that some kid faked the video--which, while possible, I think is much less likely than him being a doofus and speeding for real. Besides, he'll probably just pay the ticket--the cost of contesting it, specifically with contesting the evidence, isn't going to be cost effective. Personally, I don't think it's such a bad thing that the cops went and got him. I think this is one of the few times where kids may actually be encouraged to do stupid stuff in order to have something to put on YouTube, and maybe this will nip it in the bud. OK, it won't do that at all--but if we pretend that some kid actually crashes a car, or hurts someone because he was trying to "one-up" his YouTube buddy, we'd all feel stupid if we hadn't tried to set a precedent that this behavior will not be tolerated etc. Frank J. M. Lattuca, Esq.

AT&T--St. Louis Muni Wi-Fi

Hey Buzz crew, Tony J. from O'Fallon, Illinois (Tom, not far from Greenville). Hopefully someone from AT&T or the City of St Louis listens to the podcast. They need to hear about the solar powered Wi-Fi transmitters. I read today that the St Louis municipal Wi-Fi project headed by AT&T is delayed indefinitely because they can't figure out how to power the Wi-Fi transmitters during the day. Their plan is to put the transmitters on streetlights, but one huge oversight in the design was that most St. Louis streetlights are powered by bank switches--a single bank might control 90 streetlightsý-and there's no way to get electricity to transmitters on them without leaving the lights on all day. This was supposed to be running in June, but I'm sure it's not AT&T's fault. It's the outsourcer's fault! AT&T, your world delivered, 300 pages long, when we feel like it, and as long as you don't talk about President Bush. Love the show! Tony J.

Thanks for the alarm at the end of Episode 549

As you know, it's really hot in the Bay Area, and I was a little tired while driving this afternoon listening to BOL #549. The alarm sound at the end actually jolted me out of a doze and allowed me to get home safely. It was also pretty funny. Thanks. AJ in Alameda

Promo Winners Edit

  • First Place: Jamey Lewis
  • Runners Up: Sam Marnor, Randy Cox

All three promos will run at different times across all CNET podcasts. All three winners will receive Buzz Out Loud T-Shirts signed by the cast members of the show.

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