620 - Not safe for trademark
Monday, December 10, 2007

Not safe for trademarkEdit

"Not safe for work" is a combination of words found very useful when sharing links across the Web. One of my favorite Web sites,, wants to trademark that phrase. Why? We have no clue. But it's not the stupidest thing a tech company has done today. Western Digital is selling a network attached storage device designed to make it easy to access your files from anywhere, but they're blocking access to audio and video files. This intellectual property fear is getting out of hand.

Stories CoveredEdit

Western Digital blocks media file sharing from storage device
Western Digital’s new 1 Terabyte network-attached storage drive allows users to access data remotely, but not if the data is in AVI, MP3, MPEG or DivX format (even though users are limited to five separate accounts per device). It seems that the company is catering to copyright at the expense of its customers. trying to get trademark on "not safe for work" is trying to trademark the phrase “not safe for work” (NSFW). Since NSFW is commonly used around the internet to warn people that they are about to stumble upon risqué material, it is doubtful the trademark will be granted.

CompUSA closes shop
CompUSA has been sold to Special Equity, which plans to close the 103 stores left in the U.S. Half the CompUSA stores were closed in March because of competing pressures.

Virgin Media eases off bandwidth throttling
Cable company Virgin Media will soon be slowing upload and download speeds of fewer of its customers. Instead of throttling bandwidth for the top five percent of uploaders and downloaders between 4pm and midnight, they will only throttle the top three percent of each between 4pm and 9pm.

Nokia wants W3C to remove Ogg from upcoming HTML5 standard
The web standards group, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), wants to add Ogg video and audio formats to the new HTML5 standard. Nokia thinks this is a bad idea because some parts of video Ogg files may be covered by patents. Nokia’s concerns did not cover the fact that few people actually use Ogg files extensively.

More on Nokia's opposition to Ogg
Apple complained when Ogg was recommended as video codec standard for HTML5, but now that the decision has been made, Nokia is complaining. Nokia’s concerns seem to be that video Ogg files are covered by patents and that they don’t support DRM.

Office Live Workspace (almost) brings Office 2007 online
Office Live Workspace allows people to view and comment on Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents online. Unfortunately, changes to a document can only be made if the Office program is open locally.

Microsoft disses Windows to sell more Windows
Microsoft has produced a tutorial, "How to Justify a Desktop Upgrade," to help workers convince their bosses that they should upgrade to Vista. The tutorial suggests that XP is too insecure and expensive to keep using.

Denver airport offers free Wi-Fi
Denver International Airport is providing free, ad-supported Wi-Fi to travelers throughout the 53 square miles of its airport. Paid Wi-Fi was first offered there in 2002, by AT&T, but DIA has gradually taken over operation of the system. An ad appears when a user first accesses the Internet, then an ad bar is shown at the top of the screen during use.,140431-c,wirelesstechnologyservices/article.html

Star Wars-obsessed rocket geeks build and launch an X-wing Fighter
A group of Star Wars fans from the San Diego Tripoli Rocket Association spent 2,500 hours and $7,000 to build a 23-foot long X-Wing. The X-Wing blew up shortly after takeoff.

From The PhonesEdit

  • Brandon from Corona Weird cuts.
  • Anonymous Universal is doing a great thing.
  • Anonymous Monk fan NBC has angered me.


Sony to bring Robot back from the dead?
While Toyota is creating its violin playing robot, Sony may bring its robotic pet back from the dead. The Sony AIBO (robotic dog) was killed back at the end of 2005 along with a bunch of job cuts (around 10,000 people)

Sony now sees a place for this robotic K-9 in everyone's life. The new model is said to wirelessly connect with the PSP and PS3. Here is where the scary robotic takeover comes in. The new robot will also have a Webcam with motion sensors and facial recognition that can stream via Wi-Fi to your system. If that's not enough, it also comes with a feature to 'guard' your house (but something tells me this isn't going to stop intruders)

The robots are coming to take over!!! Run for your lives and keep up the great work,

Andrew Grin

P.S. Maybe now Sony and Facebook can work together traveling through your home, finding what you buy, and posting the items online...just a thought. :)

Pure definition of 'Christmas Grinch'

Mark Z

Eve patch
Hey Buzz Crew, just FYI: I have been running a Web site since 2002 that has a fix for the windows boot problem mentioned in BOL 619.

The good news is, if you have another computer in your house, just write down the error message, Google it--my page is the first result, and then you can download either a boot floppy, CD-R, or USB solution. You will boot to what looks like a DOS box prompting you to try 10 different boot scenarios; once you find the right one, Windows XP will come right up, and you can just copy the boot.ini file I give you onto your computer.

Simple solution, and it's free.


All nVidia drivers available online (for laptops and desktops)--even for XP
Hey Buzz crew,

I've been listening to what everyone's been saying about these "Vista only" laptops that don't have drivers for XP listed online. Well, I just thought you should know about, which has almost every nVidia driver ever made available for download. They've hacked the INF files so that the drivers can be installed on any nVidia card ever made that supports the Unified Driver Architecture that nVidia came out with a few years ago. Anybody who's having trouble finding drivers for an nVidia laptop card for XP should definitely check out

Thanks for being awesome!

Pat from Champaign, Illinois (Yes, I'm studying Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois)

Rorschach comment...from an actual psychologist

I have not listened yet to Friday's episode, so you may have dealt with this already.

You were worried about MS getting info about your personality by getting your Roschach results. Those 'tests' are about as reliable as an ex- Soviet submarine and about as valid as using hair colour to measure intelligence.

I have a colleague in another city (indeed, another country) that uses Rorschach inkblots because clients expect them. She takes no notes on the responses. She has a couch for the same reason.

Dave (the psychologist)

Internet on planes
Everyone calls you guys "TMJ". Does that mean you have pain your jaws?

OK, so Molly mentions that the Internet might be connected to rear-seat panels in the planes. So, does that mean that everyone on the plane with an iPhone can check the weather at the same time, then IM the pilots that it's actually OK to land? One guy on the plane with his iPhone is a jerk, but doesn't having a crowd make it a democracy?

Charles in San Francisco

After The CreditsEdit

  • Yan Yanson from Wisconsin Chuck E. Cheese already has robotic bands.
  • Jason in Raleigh Molly’s Congress rant = Hell yeah!

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