631 - Tech predictions for 2008
Monday, December 31, 2007
Jason Howell

Tom Merritt

Molly Wood
Jason Howell

Allow us to take a look in our future-telling snow globes and share with you everything notable that's to take place in 2008. Now you can't say we didn't tell you so.

Tom MerrittEdit

  • One TV network will simultaneously stream and air a program
  • Apple won't have a big announcement or no new product lines in 2008, just small updates
  • PS3 will be the top selling console
  • Virtualization will go main stream, leads the way to truly universal applications
  • Presidential campaigning (through botnets/spam) will lead to tougher data security laws
  • The magnetic hard drive will begin to die, flash will have a lower price and higher capacity
  • Google will become an ISP
  • The Internet will suck (bandwidth problems, packet shaping, net neutrality violations, poor TOS's)

Molly WoodEdit

  • Google will not win the 700MHz spectrum
  • Cell companies will open up to customer demands (Widespread 3G, VOIP plans, open access to applications)
  • Vista will turn out to be OK
  • Green tech will be huge, new battery technology will replace the Lithium ion battery
  • A concentrated botnet attacks a government and causes actual damage
  • Google will be the victim of an attack compromising users privacy
  • Google will buy Yahoo
  • The Writers Strike will drag on, and a Internet/YouTube star will be given a major show

Jason HowellEdit

  • The Radiohead name-your-price sale will do little to nothing to affect the actual sales of the album
  • HD-DVD will become more widely adopted than Blu-Ray
  • PS3 will be the top selling console
  • Apple will release an Apple TV with a DVR that competes with TiVo
  • Microsoft keeps Zune as PC-only
  • Apple will announce iTunes movie rentals
  • Google Android will be a success
  • Google stock will split
  • A chat speak acronym will become a title of a major movie

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