655 - Who cut the cables?
Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Now, we hear that a fifth Internet cable has been severed in the Middle East. One cable is fine. Even two is not that unusual. But five? Let the conspiracy theories begin! We also review some goings-on with Wikipedia editors, and unveil Sprint's totally-unlimited-everything cell phone plan.

Stories CoveredEdit

  • Cable damage hits 1.7M Internet users in UAE--fifth cable cut[1]
  • Who cut the cables?[2]
  • Wikipedia ruled by 'Lord of the Universe'[3]
  • Dispute about images of Mohammed at Wikipedia[4]
  • Revver almost out of money, LiveUniverse acquisition deal is off[5]
  • Google to challenge Baidu in China with free music[6]
  • In CBS test, mobile ads find users[7]
  • Mobiles 'not brain cancer risk'[8]
  • Google likely out of wireless auction, and happy[9]
  • Europe still top source of spam[10]
  • Mystery of the Vista-alike Windows 7 build finally solved[11]
  • Sprint unlimited access pack is $119.99 a month for unlimited everything[12]
  • Giants win, domain squatter loses[13]
  • Nintendo patent proffers wacky Wii add-ons[14]

From The PhonesEdit

  • Tammi from South Carolina: Hello, ladies.
  • Norman from South West Virginia: IPv6 would make NAT unnecessary.
  • Anonymous: Stop talking about Apple.
  • Anonymous 2: eBay procedure.

From The ForumsEdit


U.S. and India sign Space Exploration Cooperation agreement...Edit

Excerpt: According to the framework agreement, the two agencies will identify areas of mutual interest and seek to develop cooperative programs or projects in Earth and space science, exploration, human space flight and other activities. The agreement replaces a soon-to-expire agreement signed on Dec. 16, 1997, which fostered bilateral cooperation in the areas of Earth and atmospheric sciences. Now, making Indian cuisine "space rated" will likely be quite a challenge ;)

Actually, there are some "homegrown" technologies that the Indian Space Research Organization has developed is rather impressive in its cost- effectiveness. I could benefit both parties to use the technologies on U.S. design/built vehicles.

Best, Shalin

Justice for eBay!Edit

Howdy Buzz crew, Mike the graphic designer from College Station here.

You mentioned yesterday that eBay was considering removing the ability of sellers to leave negative buyer feedback. Tom said he thought it was a bad idea--and I have to tell you, Tom, you're wrong. Dead wrong. Dum, dum, dum!

Seriously, I've been waiting for something like this for years. Under the current system, 1,000-item sellers hold feedback over the heads of regular buyers like a piece of digital blackmail. First of all, they will not grant feedback until they get it--a subtle but unmistakable message that it better be positive. And If Joe user is dissatisfied and does give the seller negative feedback, what does a mega-seller really lose? .02 percent of his rating? While a buyer who's bought fifty or less items in years loses major credibility. Just a few months ago I bought battery covers for my phone, using an instant payment. They were blemished on arrival and clearly photoshopped in the ad, so I left negative feedback. The seller then left me negative feedback, after I gave him an instant paypal payment, literally granting him instant gratification. His note only said "bad buyer", proving that his feedback was a pure act of spite.

I applaud eBay for its move empowering buyers. Perhaps a softer system might agree with Tom--forcing sellers to leave feedback first would give buyers the freedom to fairly judge while still keeping feedback levels even--but I for one will be happy to judge fairly and without fear. Justice comes to the Streets of eBay!

Thanks all, Mike Fightin' Texas Aggie, class of 2010

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