667 - Take-Two gets a bear hug
Monday, February 25, 2008

Electronic Arts isn't taking no for an answer from Take-Two, and Pakistan gives us an object lesson in why censorship is bad: in an effort to block YouTube in that country, they took out YouTube for the entire world (for about two hours) and then got themselves taken offline altogether. Wow. That's a day's work, right there.

Stories CoveredEdit

Pakistan removed from the Internet

Google argues against calling IP addresses "personal data"

Electronic Arts offers $2B for Take-Two

New MacBook Pros are imminent. Yep, still.

iPhone SDK may be one to three weeks late

Sony paid Warner Bros. $400 million to go Blu-ray?

Toshiba paid off to drop HD DVD?

Microsoft discontinues HD DVD drives

Microsoft launches private beta of Internet Explorer 8

Torvalds gives props to Microsoft for sharing

Adobe blurs line between PC and Web

Plants that Twitter when they need to be watered

From The PhonesEdit

James from Alaska Hungry for burgers.

Shalin What's with the huh?

In the ForumsEdit

There might be something to Molly's magnetic field!


iTunes refund Ray from Alameda

Digital TV and some hate to Apple Roque (aka Rocky) from Guadalajara, Mexico

A senator and the digital transition Zack

Xbox 360 Blu-ray player D in Seattle

The LOI movement Ron Landreth

Grandma Mary listens! Grandma Mary

New features on the Zune? Oliver

Another turtle-y update! Michael

Google balloons already over Sao Paulo Alex, from Rio.

It's Rick, the "balloon scientist" and amateur radio operator from Colorado.

Rick von Glahn Parker, Colorado

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