672 - Spammer in the slammer
Monday, March 3, 2008

Jeremy Jaynes has been sentenced to nine years in prison for trying to sell you Viagra. OK, I really don't know if it was Viagra, but he was a spammer, and he got sentenced to jail time. I guess he's the first spammer to get canned. We also talk about Wikileaks getting its domain name back, pirates cracking Vista, and Woz critiquing the line of Apple products.

Stories CoveredEdit

Judge: Wikileaks gets its domain name back[1]

First spam felony conviction upheld: No free speech to spam[2]

Vista prices fall even further[3]

Pirates find proper way to crack Vista’s activation schema[4]

More audiobook publishers drop DRM: Will Audible follow suit?[5]

Nine Inch Nails uploads new album on Torrent sites[6]

Fan-funded music[7]

Woz strikes again: Disappointed by iPhone, wary about MacBook Air and Apple TV[8]

MacBook Air aflutter: Demand stays strong, sold out often[9]

iPhone jailbreak tools updated to open firmware 1.1.4[10]

Source: Apple may not restrict free iPhone apps[11]

Advocacy groups bash Comcast’s “technical-sounding nonsense”[12]

Will RealNetworks buy Scrabulous?[13]

Mark Shuttleworth reveals definitive list of Ubuntu code names[14]

From The PhonesEdit

  • Anonymous Darwinist: Robot-Grandma love anecdote.
  • Brian: Tax the filing process.
  • Alex from Romania: Warranty on unlocked iPhones.



Hey buzz crew,

I opened my current Comcast statement and on the last page after all the stupid fees there was “IMPORTANT ACCOUNT NOTICE” it said “Effective March 2008 - Standard cable service will no longer be sold. Current standard Cable-Only customers may continue their subscription at the new monthly rate (see enclosed) but new customers will no longer be able to purchase, upgrade or downgrade to the standard package.”

Now this is where it is stupid. Standard cable's new rate is $54.40. Digital started package is $55.40.

Just a dollar more?


The TildeEdit

The tilde in URLs came from many of the original Web servers running on Unix. If my account on a server is chris on a Unix server, then my personal home directory is probably something like /users/chris2x but can also be referred to by “~chris2x”. URLs often had ~ because that was shorthand for where this particular user’s home page was stored. Since the users on the Web in those days were nerds, it probably did not occur to people at first that this was obscure. The death of the tilde in the URL was caused by people trying to tell their less nerdy friends how to type the darn thing.

Here is a good reference:

Chris the podcaster

The Archivist!!Edit

Hey Buzz Town,

I’ve been listening to TWiT for about a year now, and finally decided to try BOL a couple weeks ago. Now, of course, I am kicking myself for not having come over sooner. However, I am now on a mission: archiving ALL of BOL.

When I noticed that iTunes did not have all of your backcasts (I wonder if I just created a new word…), I started listening to the earliest episodes available, starting with episode 483. Then, even though I knew it was coming, I was distraught at episode 521, when Veronica left. I decided that I needed more Veronica, so I wanted to find even older eps. I heard from the older eps, and was able to find all of the backcasts. I am still working on downloading all of them, since I could not find a single link for all of them.

As I have been downloading, I have imported them all into iTunes and am working on making all of the titles uniform to comply with the format of the recent episodes. I am still deciding on whether or not I want to put the show notes in. The problem that I am running into is that there are some episodes that are just interviews, and I don’t know whether they count as separate for the episode count. For example, by my count, Episode 089 is “What the heck is Google Base?” dated October 26, 2005.

Also dated October 26, 2005, is an interview with Cory Doctorow. Neither of these intros actually list episode numbers yet, so I don’t know if the interview should be Episode 090, or 089i, or what. I would hate to get back to 483 and find that I have been counting wrong all along!

Also, I was fortunate enough to have heard your request to make a list of all of the things that Molly has said she wanted to buy, and once I start listening from episode 1-482, I will do so.

Thank you all for a wonderful podcast. Veronica, even though I see you on Mahalo, and BOL is still great, I miss you.

Thanks, Joshua the Archivist Wichita, KS

P.S. I also work for the post office, and was wondering what position Remmy (sp?) is in. My guess is he’s a DCO like me, and thus has 8 hours a day to podcast.

HD-DVD disc best-selling HD movie last week.Edit

American Gangster HD DVD Tops VideoScan’s weekly high-def disc sales chart | High-Def Digest



Buzz Town motto - Vote!Edit

Jacob here to let you and the rest of Buzz Town that you can now vote for the Buzz Town wiki motto at:

Thanks for the podcast,

Jacob the student from Australia


I'm going to have to create a large sheet of paper with all the podcasts and just like throw darts at it everyday to pick the next one. - Jason, in reference to how he may start choosing which CNet podcast to plug.

After The CreditsEdit

  • Dave from Los Angeles a.k.a. Fake Chaleene: If you want to get on the show, say you're Chaleene.
  • An unknown caller whose mom thought he was listening to Howard Stern
  • Another unknown caller, calling for the Buzz Crew to recap all of the tech that died away (HD-DVD) at the end of the year.

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