692 - Shine on, Chumby
Monday, March 31, 2008

Chumby is the wave of the future, Shine is...shiny? And tomorrow is Molly's Day Without Google--and maybe yours, too. In other news, if you can call it that, Adobe Systems changes its Photoshop Express terms of service, while the rest of the Internet keeps theirs the same.

Stories CoveredEdit

Yahoo targets women with 'Shine' [1] [2]

Dignan: Yahoo brings media sense to the table [3]

Vista eventually goes down in pwn to own [4]

Report: Complaints trigger rewrite of Photoshop Express terms [5]

But Facebook, and many other sites, have the exact same terms [6]

Don’t sign up for that $40 DTV coupon yet! [7]

Creative irate after modder spruces up Vista X-Fi drivers [8]

Exec sounds death knell for games consoles [9]

April 1: Day without Google? [10]

Chumby gets $12.5 million [11]

Another 12 years of U2 [12]

From The PhonesEdit

  • Smaran from Warner:

Tax solution: make it opt-in! (Followed by a mollyrant)

  • Aaron in Chicago:

It’s America: we all subsidize each other.

  • (Warren said the same thing!)

In the ForumsEdit


No wonder Yahoo is in troubleEdit

Hello again JaMoTo,

No wonder Yahoo is in trouble.

If this is their idea of content they can monetize, they’re about a decade behind. Not only is the page ugly, but I don’t see a single woman on that page with a weight problem. Is Yahoo saying all women in America are skinny and can eat giant chocolate bars (see the picture on the page) without gaining a pound?

So not cool.

In its own way, this is just as bad as Miss Bimbo, just a little sneakier about it.

Joe AKA dOgBOi

NBD Direct...easyEdit

Jeez, blind? Go to: and in the center column, you'll see right away the steps necessary to get up and running. Here's a shortcut to the playback utility...

Have fun...ya blind "old guy."

R, Doug - Pasadena, MD

Two from #691Edit

No. 1:

Regarding the world's oldest sound: I have no interest in this sound unless I can download it in lossless FLAC. For free.

No. 2:

Regarding the comment about body-driven Wi-Fi causing humans to need more food, she obviously isn't in sales: "The WiFi Diet!! Upgrade to 802.11n and watch those pounds melt away!! 3G? Hah; more like 3Gorgeous!! Act Now!"

"Love the Show" (copyrighted?)

Tim in Kansas

Bell CanadaEdit

Hi Jason, Molly & Tom,

Thought I'd pass on some more info about Bell Canada making sure that we all get an equal share of bandwidth up here in Canada.

Union urges CRTC to curb Internet interference by Bell, Rogers

P.S. : Great show...I listen every day.


Hotel Internet accessEdit

Buzz Crew -

If all hotel guests who are upset at paying $11 per day for Internet access would send a letter to the Hotel's customer service like the one below, maybe things would change:


Dear Hilton Customer Service,

My family and I stayed in two rooms for 3 nights at the following Hilton network hotel:

Doubletree 100 The City Drive, Orange, California 92868

Check-in: 3/24/2008 / Check-out: 3/27/2008 Rooms: 620 (Walker) and 619 (Davidson)

I was appalled at the rate charged for in-room Internet access. The desk clerk explained I could access the Internet free in the lobby, to which my reply was that doing such is inconvenient and would require that I abandon my family. Because of your inconsideration to hotel guests regarding charges for in-room Internet access, I was forced to pay the exorbitant fee of $10.95 per day--$32.85 in total.

I understand you incur costs related to providing Internet access, but a more reasonable fee would be in the area of $2.95 per day. Other hotel chains manage to offer in-room Internet access and charge nothing for it.

I am a frequent hotel guest. Your staff was kind and treated us with respect and we tipped them accordingly; but due to Hilton's price gouging on in-room Internet access, which demonstrates the utmost in disrespect for your guests, we will no longer stay at Hilton network hotels.


Great podcast. -Tom in Littleton, Colorado

Additional NotesEdit


After The CreditsEdit

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