693 - We're not April's Fools
Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Except for this one part right at the end, but other than that, this is a strictly joke-free experience. Well, we make a couple of bad jokes, but that's not April's fault. In the actual news today, Windows may be suffering on the enterprise end, we can't find a good reason for Scribd, and we confess that we think computers should do the driving.

Stories CoveredEdit

Google does April Fools’: ‘Custom time’ and a Mars trip [1]

Microsoft, Yahoo agree on buyout price [2]

April Fools Day Spam Invades Google [3]

No foolin’–Storm worm is back [4]

Windows: A Monopoly Shakes [5]

FORTUNE: Apple 2.0 Analyst: Apple's U.S. consumer market share now 21 percent [6]

Scribd now offering free document scanning [7]

Google lets users take Apps files offline [8]

Networks promise ‘accident-free’ cars [9]

CBS Radio, sing a streaming-audio duet [10]

Sony to Offer Movies on AT&T Phones [11]

Hackers publish thousands of copies of fingerprint of German Minister who promotes fingerprint biometrics [12]

Neal Stephenson Returns with “Anathem” [13]

From The PhonesEdit

  • Anonymous Obsessive Guy

How to (not?) spend spring break.

In the ForumsEdit


Hi, Molly, Tom and JasonEdit

In the ongoing discussion of the dangers of cell phones, this is the first time I’ve heard phones compared to cigarettes.

Joe AKA dOgBOi

Beware the April Fools’ joke!Edit

Just wanted to point you to this Web site (, or rather this LACK of a website. The quite popular video site Surf the Channel was taken down by its DNS host a short while ago, all because of an April Fools’ joke. This quote is taken from the page where the homepage used to be:

‘ Earlier today SurfTheChannel made what was an innocent April Fools' Joke by pretending we had been given the link to a “Prerelease Screener” of Indiana Jones and The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. We showed the movie’s poster that is freely available to view all over the web and linked to a page that had said “April Fools!” where the video should be. This was a simple, fun and innocent prank in accordance with the customs of April Fools' Day. A short while ago our DNS host contacted us and told us they were pulling services to us after they had been threatened with “massive litigation” due to the fact that we were displaying the Indiana Jones poster on our site. STC was given the option of taking the site down voluntarily and having this page up or having the plug pulled and having no page up. As you can see we opted for the former. We don’t know how long we’ll be gone. We hope it isn’t permanent. If it is, thank you all for supporting us. STC Administration. ‘ This actually sucks. A lot. From, Daniel L

U2 at Live NationEdit

Hi there! my first well actually, thought I’m sure you’ll have gotten lots, I work at Universal and U2 have not been signed to Live Nation on a 360 deal like Madonna, the deal only concerns merchandising and touring - on the recording side CDs will still be released by Universal. just thought it was a bit unclear on the podcast, which is the best by the way!

– John B.

Additional NotesEdit


After The CreditsEdit

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