709 - We're gonna need a bigger cloud
Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We explain Live Mesh, the Ninth Circuit tries to explain why customs can search your laptop without any reason at all, and eBay (yawn) sues Craigslist over some (yawn) stock stuff.

Stories CoveredEdit

  • Live Mesh - The Version You Can Understand

[1] [2] [3]

  • Defunct MSN Music to stop songs from moving to new PCs


  • Laptop searches at the border: No reason? No problem


  • Apple disses Intel's Atom, buys PowerPC designer P.A. Semi

[6] [7] [8]

  • EBay sues Craigslist ad website

[9] [10]

  • Twitter Japan launches, with ads


  • Sony to Buy Gracenote


  • Next-Generation CAPTCHA Exploits the Semantic Gap


  • Top Gun 2008: Biggest RC Airplane Competition in the World Starts Tomorrow [14]

From The PhonesEdit

Shif ConnecticutEdit

Parallel for cell phones on planes

In the ForumsEdit


You hurt my feelingsEdit

Hey BOL dudes,

You hurt my feelings when you called me a smack talker while I was listening to your podcast over a 100 Megabit fiber connection, so I have decided to send you proof that your American DSL is really really slow. Go to

and look at the fastest connections as stated by dsl reports, and then look at

and prepare to be AMAZED (I meant, jealous) by our whopper of an internet connection speed.

Michael from Hong Kong

Meat from the test tubeEdit

Hell-o JoToMo,

How's is it go-ing? Writing in response to ep 708 (which btw is "tob" in leet speek. So if BOL=708=TOB... BOL=TOB

at any rate...

Your story about using stem cells reminded me of this story from CBS that I found on Digg in march.

To sum up the article they take a powder made from pigs blatter and sprinkle it on a severed limb and it grows back... they interview a man who grew back a finger inc bone, skin, muscle (meat), and the nail !

I don't wanna geek out but when this stuff hits the market I hope they call it Bacta.

thx for buzzing my ears 5 days a week, looking forward to your live show in Monterey.

Jason in Monterey

Playstation HomeEdit

Hi BUZZ crew,

In episode 708 you talked about Home for the PS3 being delayed & Molly said she couldn't really figure out what it is used for. Well I'm in the closed beta & it is more than Mii's on parade!

Yea there is a bunch of second life stuff, you can customize your avatar, it's clothes, your apartment & etc but for me the big draw is going to be private games. You will be able to invite people to join you in a private game session & to be able to have several people join me for some Gran Turismo 5 Prologue so we won't have to deal with all the kids driving the wrong way on the racetrack is a great feature.

There is more things it can be used for I'm sure but the private game rooms is a biggie for me.

Later, Dave in Broken Arrow, OK

Additional NotesEdit


  • "lets stay away from the canal for now" - Tom
  • "sure... ok... we could boot it up and make a copy and give it back to you... but... uaaaa... I guess... but I don't like that either... it's horrible, but..." - Tom
  • "they don't seize your pants when they want to look at your wallet!" - Tom
  • "I am, as is my want, going to say, INTERESTING" - Molly
  • "Quit hazzarding!" - Jason
  • "We need, like, a mailing list for awesome" - Molly

After The CreditsEdit

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