712 - Windows XP--a 'pre-downgrade' upgrade
Monday, April 28, 2008

Dell, HP, and Lenovo will offer Windows XP as a "pre-downgrade," as a convoluted way to get you out of having to buy Windows Vista. Hear that, Microsoft? The bell tolls for you. Speaking of "For Whom the Bell Tolls," Metallica is considering all the "Internet options" for its upcoming album (that includes hoping people on the Internet will buy it).

Stories CoveredEdit

GTA IV will release and Guiness World Records is watching [1]

Grand Theft Auto receives acclaim [2]

Is the Microhoo wedding off or just postponed? [3] [4]

Dell, Lenovo to offer Windows XP beyond June 30 cutoff [5] [6]

Metallica may follow in footsteps of Radiohead, NIN [7]

WIPO wishes you a Happy World IP Day 2008! [8]

Average Web page size triples since 2003 [9]

All the rage in Europe: Firefox market share climbs higher [10]

Science/Nature: Europe launches sat-nav tester [11]

Geoengineered cooling of planet would have ‘perilous effects’ [12]

From The PhonesEdit

Paul, SacramentoEdit

I have a theory about the ‘press attache’...oh, and I love Cooley

In the ForumsEdit


Why we don’t have cell phones on airplanesEdit

I was just flying with my wife a couple days ago and was telling her about the kerfuffle over impending cell phone usage on airplanes when I realized a potential deal-breaker. Although I’m sure it’s about as shady as buying a pirate cable box, it looks like you can buy a pocket-sized cell phone jammer for about $200. Which means it only takes one guy on the airplane who really doesn’t want to hear people squawking to veto the whole concept. And nobody would know who that guy was. I would be silently cheering him on.

Just something to think about.

--Brian San Diego, Calif.

(Oh, and I am not unfond of the show.)

Facebook chatEdit

It seems that we just finished talking about installing programs against a persons consent when I logged into my Facebook account and was greeted with a bar on the bottom of the screen labeled "Facebook Chat." I never consented to have this put on my profile. I don't want it and I don't need it. Its just one more messenger service to watch, which I hardy use anyway. I understand that Facebook has every right to add features to profiles because it is a free service, but the part that annoys me is that when I went to look to get rid of it, it won't allow me. In the help section it says, "How do I remove Facebook Chat or appear offline," and then only tells you how to appear offline. You would think that companies would get a hint after what happened with Apple and Safari. Love the show.

--Chris Lakewood, Colo.

Additional NotesEdit

Next BOL MeetupEdit

Tom & Molly fill us in on the next BOL meetup in San Francisco. Plus they are planning on giving out some swag. And some free beers (or maybe just beer).

After The CreditsEdit

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