718 - Always worry
Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We could tell you not to worry, but then you'd e-mail us and tell us why you should. So, new rule. Always worry. And the HTC Touch Diamond ain't all that, but we're not saying the 3G iPhone is going to be all that, either. Don't get your hopes up. This is turning into an Eeyore sort of day, isn't it? Here's some good news: Zune 2.5 offers TV downloads! So...yay!

Stories CoveredEdit

Vodafone, Telecom Italia announce massive iPhone rollout [1] [2]

Zune 2.5 update brings TV downloads, Zune Card sharing [3] [4]

Business Center: After abandoning iTunes, NBC shows up on Zune [5]

Consumer Reports: Apple leads in support--by double digits [6]

McAfee deal aims to make Yahoo search safer [7]

T-Mobile offers 3G in New York [8]

HTC beats Apple to 3G with Microsoft-based iPhone rival [9]

Free satellite TV service begins [10] wants identities of readers who post comments [11]

Hard drive recovered from shuttle Columbia used to complete experiment [12]

Keep your data safe at the border [13]

From The PhonesEdit

Mike JerseyEdit

Wait a minute. I can’t get a Wii Fit for Mother’s Day…

In the ForumsEdit


Nasa Says Cell Phones are a security riskEdit

Can you comment on this?

How serious is this problem? At work, “they” are circulating this around trying to justify why we can’t have cell phones inside our building but is this an issue for consumers in general? I keep my phone on at all times in case of emergency…am I vulnerable?


Vinita Chhahira - don’t even try it

San Fran trip?Edit

Hi Buzz Crew,

I’m going to be visiting San Francisco for the first time ever this weekend. What is the absolutely geek/tech thing to see/do?

– Sugendran

Financing for TelecommunicationsEdit

Hi JaMoTo

I thought that you might like to know that when I attended a Master class Project Finance Course the Class teacher, who has many decades of project financing experience stated that no sane bank would project finance telecommunication infrastructure as to the following: Butter’s Law of Photonics. Which Gerry Butters, former head of Lucent’s Optical Networking Group stated that amount of data coming out of an optical fiber is doubling every nine months.

New Technologies One technology which he is talking about is powerline data transmission and also the 4G wireless technologies that are coming out.

That been the case he can’t see how any of the telecommunication infrastructure projects could pay for themselves with the cash flows that they generate as a stand alone service.

In the show you keep mentioning that there will be a time where you will hit transmission capacity but given there is still dark fiber and Butter’s Law the actual transmission capacity shouldn’t be an issue for a while yet by which such things as powerline data transmission should be mainstream. I would have thought that the “last mile” is the bigger issue but then with the newer wireless technologies this could be solved soon too.

Love the Show --Matthew from Sydney

Google phoneEdit

Hey TMJ,

I can give it to you on authority that the first major carrier phone running Android will be coming to T-Mobile in October 2008. It will feature both a touch screen and a physical keyboard, 3G (UMTS or HSDPA?), and is planned as only the first of a possible many.


Rii the Wii Fit for motherEdit

I got a Wii Fit the day it came out in the U.K. and promptly lost it to my aged mother (sorry mom). This is a woman in her 60’s who does not play video games and has to call me when the TV remote confuses her. She now does almost 30 minutes of yoga then goes for a jog every day and looks forward to the next day for the new games that she has unlocked. I don’t know if she is going to loose lots of weight, but she says she feels better and is moving easier which can only be a good thing. I think that the fit is a great gift for the older person.

Cheers --Ray (England)

P.S. Directly across the street from the house is a fully kitted out fitness gym, which she has no plans on using. Go figure.



I got back from Maker Faire, where I heard from Lee Zlotoff the creator of MacGyver that he will be making a MacGyver Movie. Now there is no release date, no actors, as far as I know no script. He says he wants to make it, and I know I want to see it. I have high hope this would be a really good movie.

--Roeurn Tourn

(Ru-in, Torn)noun

Additional NotesEdit

This is the first episode featuring the new Album art.

After The CreditsEdit

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