719 - Yotta yotta yotta
Wednesday, May 7, 2008

There's a lot of storage headed your way in the coming years. A lotta, in fact. We'd even go so far as to say it's a yotta. Byte. In other news, no one in the tech industry will be taking a vacation between June 15 and July 12, due to the second coming of the iPhone, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu is getting behind a more democratic music industry. Try that one on for size, RIAA.

Stories CoveredEdit

Comcast mulling metered access, 250GB monthly bandwidth caps [1]

It’s official: Sprint, ClearWire merging WiMax operations [2] [3]

AT&T: No vacation around the iPhone anniversary [4]

Malware outbreak blamed on file-swapped MP3s, MPEGs [5]

Archbishop Desmond Tutu a fan of free music [6]

Europe PS3 sales ‘overtake 360′ [7]

Grand Theft Auto IV makes a killing in first week [8]

EA launches Steven Spielberg’s Boom Blox [9]

Microsoft’s in-car software now in Hyundai and Kia cars [10]

A yottabyte of storage per year by 2013 [11]

From The PhonesEdit


You totally missed what’s going on with Apple.

Rory from OhioEdit

Microban on keyboards?

In the ForumsEdit


Every way to access us:Edit


Move to the U.K.Edit

If you want to move to the U.K., Molly, you already know all our swearwords




A little info on Free Sat :

1. BBC channels are not ad supported. They are TV licence supported. This ‘tax’ will cost you £135 this year. Probably more next year. If you don’t catch up with you, the BBC will write to you twice monthly until you ‘buy’ their tax or swear to them you don’t have a television (even then they’ll come out and check).

2. All other channels will carry adds like they do on Freeview (over-the-air, low-def TV).

3. BSkyB, the only other sat broadcaster, has been offering the same service for over a year, and their Website says it costs less, too. Sky also allow you to upgrade to Sky’s paid for sat TV service.

4. This is bad. ITV (broadcaster and partner in FreeSat) will use FreeSat to push its free HD services. However, they will be locked to FreeSat so cable and/or PaySat (i.e. the people who pay monthly for TV via sat) will have to buy into the FreeSat system.

If you ever need to do any U.K. fact checking, feel free to drop me an e-mail. I even know about Scotland!

$11k HDD CrusherEdit

1. You own a large company. You need to destroy HDDs a lot because you are a bad company and need to hide the bad stuff frequently because you never know when the Feds are coming to raid your stuff. As a bad company you look at costs, hire a person. Let’s say $20K?? Buy a crushing thing and do it self-service style = £11k. I know which I’d go for…

NASA Phone vulnerability No.4 Your cell phone can track your location. Ahhh! Scary!

SF Geek Tours: I’ll sell you I guess I could lease you if you are feeling poor.

That is all.

Ross (cbrown)

Fast download!Edit


I was pleasantly surprised today when BOL downloaded at 1.2MB/sec! Usually I download all my other podcasts for the day in about 5 seconds, and then I have to wait several minutes while BOL takes its sweet time.

Great job, guys! I hope this is a permanent change

Love the show. David

Additional NotesEdit

After The CreditsEdit

Turns out, Tom is one heck of a Radio DJ... [12]

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