886 - That's our title!
Wednesday, January 7, 2009
Molly Wood, Tom Merrit, Jason Howell
Jason Howell
Natali del Conte & Brian Tong

We're coming to you from CES 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada and it's all about Netbooks today. I'm sure we'll get more buzz about 3D TVs and more later this week. Also, Ellie doesn't like it when we call out the title of the show, but that makes it easier for Jason to find them for his special edition! (And please excuse a bit of distortion in today's episode. Sorry! -Jason)

Stories CoveredEdit

Yawn— MacWorld (woohoo iTunes DRM free!!)

Apple activates iTunes downloads over 3G, with a caveat

Free Nine Inch Nails albums top 2008 Amazon MP3 sales charts

AMD’s Neo processor debuts in HP notebook

Asus says Netbooks can be upscale with the S121

…and new Eee PC with swiveling screen

MSI XSlim MacBook Air-like thing

LG’s Watch Phone: production please?

LaCie breaks off quad-interface 2big Quadra RAID drive

Google’s Android runs on a Netbook — Google OS in the offing?

Phishing is a minimum-wage job

SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone announced

Pay-as-you-go airline charges by the minute

What piracy? Movie biz sees record box office in 2008




Hey jamoto,

As one of your UK listeners, I’d just like to clarify the ‘liveness’ of the BBC iPlayer. It actually broadcasts tv shows on the internet an hour after they are first broadcasted on tv. Just thought that you should know.

LTS, DanieInHell

Hey Jamoto++,

Web Developer Matthew Horoszowski (say Horoshofski) here and just wanted to point out this article, ,

which talks about a new game that uses your brainwaves to control a small ball and move it through hoops and things.

Guess that one prediction for this year down!

Hey JaMoTo + 1:

On the dial tone issue from Monday’s show: when someone moves out of a house or and apartment, the phone company *should* leave dial tone on the line, but with no account information. This gives access to 911 and 611 (to be able to call the company to fully activate the line). When I worked for BellSouth, that service was called a QuickServe.

However, QuickServes can be disabled if the line is needed at another residence or business and no other cable pairs are immediately available, hence the reason that Tom’s line didn’t have dial tone. FWIW, no dial tone, no 911.

Barry Stubbs

Stop it!!! Stop with the announcing of the title in the actual show!!

Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it, STOP!!!

<3 Ellie

After The CreditsEdit

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