891 - Jazz hands and a testosterone venti
Thursday, January 15, 2009

Leo Laporte joins the cast today to discuss, of course, Steve Jobs' medical leave of absence, the problem with filters (yes, it's the problem you think it is), the future of bendy gadgets, and how to dance like Bollywood.

Stories CoveredEdit

Apple: Jobs to Take Medical Leave of Absence

Analysts: he probably won’t come back

In the interim, who’s leading Apple?

PC shipments up just 1.1 percent in fourth quarter: Gartner

Collateral Damage as UK Censors Internet Archive

Best Buy to be Palm Pre's exclusive retailer

FCC’s McDowell says agency not ready for DTV day

Control your TiVo via text message with Kwiry

Don’t touch the DVR: commercials help us enjoy the show more

Bendy gadget future for graphene

Zork to be revived as browser MMO

From The PhonesEdit

  • Anonymous Darwinist
    YouTube's easy audio upload fix
  • Emiliano (we think)
    Windows 7 Tip for Jose!
  • Jose from Jacksonville
    No, that won't help


Making cables vanish isn’t that difficult for the typical DIY’er. Take a pizza cutting wheel and cut a channel in the wallboard wide enough to accommodate your bundle of cables. Dress the cables into the channel. Cover the channel with wallboard tape, cover with ‘mud’, let dry, sand, and repaint. Simple eh?

Steve in Cupertino
(the other one)

I think we should figure out how to make this Steve Jobs’ leave of Absence into a gambling pool. We buy squares for $100 and pick the dates for his return. We just need somebody to figure the payouts and the time period for his return plus/minus a few days will create the squares. What if he never returns or if he returns many years later?


Hello all,

I teach a course on neuropharmacology and we talk a lot about caffeine.

Some interesting stats:

About 190 000 000 North Americans show withdrawal symptoms from caffeine, showing they are caffeine dependent.

Adult humans are caffeine metabolizing machines, we are very efficient at it, the half life of caffeine in an adult is oh maybe between 30 and 120 min whereas in nonhuman animals and kids (toddlers) it is about 3.5 DAYS

A majority of workplace spats that end in firings happen between 9 and 9:30 am. There is speculation that much of this is driven by caffeine withdrawal.

In most research a cup of coffee is defined as a teacup sized serving. Most of us drink more than that per serving, and the coffee that is brewed for such studies tends to be weaker than that which most people drink.

I have no idea if this is germane to yesterday’s discussion, as I have had only 1 cup of coffee today….

Dave (the psychologist)

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