982 - She Bonged herself
Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Tom Merrit, Natali del Conte, Jason Howell
Jason Howell
Brian Cooley

Previously on Buzz Out Loud by Sheala, GAEdit

We didn’t get a Molly rant, but we did get some Molly cussin’! BLEEP you AMD!! Craigslist is pimpin’ mad. Palm throws down the stylus for June 6. This week stupid is brought to you by Microsoft and Apple. Cooley talks nice about cars, batteries and GPS. Wait, isn’t GPS in space?! Jason gets compass geeks riled up. The internet might really be a series of tubes, under a series of roads. Amazon reviewers make something outta nothing. We learned about the Royal Wii and poked the Pope. And we heard the word Twoogle for the first time.


Microsoft may rename Kumo to Bing, which makes us wonder what the past tense of Bing would be. Bong. Also Last.FM is under attack from TechCrunch and Eucalyptus is welcomed back into the app store with open arms, and open searches.

Stories CoveredEdit

Nokia Ovi launch User Data Was Sent To RIAA By CBS

Apple changes mind on rejected e-book reader app

Internet Giving Rise To “Citizen Spies”

Twitter Reality Show

Linux consortium upset about Microsoft contract in Switzerland

Circuit City is back and it is awesome!

Kumo to be dubbed Bing, AdAge says

Nanotech Memory Could Hold Data For 1 Billion Years

DSi can help you find ghosts


“Hi buzz people! I haven’t listened to buzz for a week coz I’m in Turks and caicos sipping my rum inspired drink which I forgot the name.

Anyways while down there I met a guy which he claims that he knows somebody that works for apple.

According to him a tablet is in the works and they will call it the iBook. Remember they scrap the iBook name and replace everything with the macbook.

Make sense or maybe we were too drunk. I don’t know just passing along.

Love the show.

Eugenio from nj”


“The yellow pages should buy Skype from Ebay. Think about it if you are searching the Yellow Pages website all you have to do is click a Call button on the ad and Skype could launch. They could sell it to the companies who advertise as a benefit and charge them for the calls to their normal number or encourage them to get a Skype line.

Just a thought MattBatt Ocoee FL”

Extra NotesEdit

1000th episode coming Thursday June 18th. Want to be on the episode? Post a video of yourself. MUST be less than 30 seconds long. And send a link. No attachments. Could be well-wishing, could be memories, epithets we don’t care. We’ll choose from all the messages we get and play a selection on the 1000th episode as well as post them in the Wiki.

Want to get involved in the production of the show? Find your favorite BOL moment, clip it out of the MP3, or video, and send us the moment. For video, please upload to a video hosting service and send us a link. Email either to

After The CreditsEdit

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