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Tuesday, June 9, 2009
Tom Merrit, Natali del Conte, Jason Howell
Justin Eckhouse (Jason Howell on Vacation)
Brian Tong & Donald Bell

We are almost done talking about the Pre and iPhone, but not quite. We do talk about the Nokia N91 and Qik streaming on all Nokia phones. Twitter may be dead or at least hibernating. Wolfram Alpha gets a little smarter, the iPhone knows if you're going to get sick, plus some E3 roundup news. Also, a new inflatable tube could send you to space and the Pleo is not extinct after all.

Stories CoveredEdit

Nokia N97 out for $700

Qik on all Nokia phones

WSJ says Pre on Verizon in January

Is Twitter dead?

Wolfram Alpha gets first update

Japan to try GPS phones to prevent pandemics

California going to online textbooks

Some E3 aftermath news of interest: 360 to match PS3’s 10-year lifecycle, says Kim

Old Is New: Nintendo Released A Bio Sensor A Decade Ago

Inflatable Tower Could Climb To the Edge of Space

Will Pleo come back from extinction?


Hey BOL –

I haven’t heard anyone answer this one question… Will any of the features mentioned yesterday be in the Apple Touch any time soon? Normally the announcements with the iPhone and Touch go hand and hand, yesterday there was no mention of the Touch.

Love the show Anomoly from South California

Hey Buzz Crew,

I was listening to yesterday’s episode where you discussed how overpriced the iPhone 3G S is in the US. It’s even worse in the UK. Me and a friend worked out that it would be cheaper to buy a 32 GB iPhone 3G S on pay as you go and then buy a ?10 top up each month, while on top of that paying ?10 a month for the final 6 months to get the unlimited internet access, than it would be to buy one on the CHEAPEST POSSIBLE CONTRACT! You guys can do the math yourselves, O2’s page is linked to below.

Someone started a petition over Twitter to try and get O2 to offer reasonable prices. I urge listeners of Buzz Out Loud to sign it and help us end this injustice! In these troubled times, Apple has again done the wrong thing with their prices!!



Hey JaNatTo,

I own a printing company and about 50% of our work is books with quantities well below 2000 and doing as few as 10 books is becoming a regular part of our day. The technologies in the linked to machine are readily available in the industry but I don’t believe it’s ready to be implemented in a consumer kiosk especially at $175,000. I was in Rochester in April demoing machines from Xerox and Kodak that cost well over the price listed for the Black & White only versions that run at between 120-180 impressions per minute. While the print quality is phenomenal the binding is still fiddly. In line perfect binding (Soft cover book binding) is still a work in progress on digital machines.

Ray The printer in Beautiful Lancaster Pa

Natali Hey guys, regarding Acer and their 3D laptop. I don’t know what it will REALLY be like but here is why I would want 3D.

  • More perceived space from a single screen. By angling windows toward the screen, wouldn’t it be like having a dual monitor setup? (but with much less space and resources).
  • Education (not just formal). The best application of 3D I’ve ever seen was an IMAX 3D film about the Moon landing. It created an intense real view of how small things were inside and how terrifying it would have been. I think this would work well in any history or other subject to capture the attention of a student.
  • Math and chemistry. I have a slight learning disability and it has taken me many years to get through college. I think such technology would be a leap forward for helping to learn Organic Chemistry especially Enantiomers (mirror image molecules) and Vectors and multivariable calculus. While there are 3d modeling applications on a 2d screen, it seems like it would be so much better to have a perceived 3d image.

I’d love to hear what you think about how likely these ideas are and whether it would be as good as I’ve imagined.

As for my new Palm Pre, “Never love anything that can’t love you back”. It’s cool, but I kind of expected the entire desktop experience shrunk down to a small device. (its not)

Thanks .


Extra NotesEdit

1000th episode coming Thursday June 18th. Want to be on the episode? Post a video of yourself. MUST be less than 30 seconds long. And send a link. No attachments. Got them from Dwight and Mandeep. We’ll choose from all the messages we get and play a selection on the 1000th episode as well as post them in the Wiki. Want to get involved in the production of the show? Find your favorite BOL moment, clip it out of the MP3, or video, and send us the moment. For video, please upload to a video hosting service and send us a link. Email either to

After The CreditsEdit

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