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I have generally ignored the badges as I hit my Gmail account, then moved to Google news. The badges coming up are Politics, Mobile Industry, Mitt Romney, Apple. My computers all dualboot thru x86 family of OS, my political preferences does not even include the GrandOldParty, I choose a windoz smartphone free upgrade after the second week of my Ios experience(my 9200 nokia was stolen, 7 years). Are there no Linux, Solar, Renewable Energy Badges?

or has Giggle noticed I am not what they would call a "correct consumer" and need retraining?

I run Firefox under Linux Mint or Ubuntu current, occasionally using Chromium or Chrome when a website seems to have errors that need confirmation. One has to maintain the IE versions to get the OS upgrades current on my dual processor, Celeron and Atom systems. --Danthecook 12:13, February 24, 2012 (UTC)

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