John Byrne
John The Tech Guy
Wed, October 11, 1972 (44)
Sydney, Australia
CNET Forums
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John is the sound editor and producer of the (usually) weekly Australian tech podcast, BRAN. BRAN stands for Bloody (we are Australian after all) Roulla (Yiacoumi), Angus (Kidman) and Nathan (Taylor), the three Australia freelance technology journalists who host the IT news and pop culture show each week.

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Involvement with Buzz Out LoudEdit

John The Tech Guy is a long time listener of Buzz Out Loud, who has had one of his calls played, post-show. Tom once mentioned that they didn't really talk about Paris Hilton on Buzz Out Loud. The call was to explain that the BRAN podcast has a segment (now affectionately) called "The Trash Women of Tech", where loose references to tech collide with pop culture and the likes of (former porn star) Jenna Jameson, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan et al.

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