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I am an administrator on the Buzz Town Wiki:

Major Contributions to the Buzz Town WikiEdit

The Buzz Out Loud DictionaryEdit

I am the creator of the The Buzz Out Loud Dictionary. I created it because I am listening to the previous episodes of Buzz Out Loud and I saw how the word “Janky” had changed a lot of people’s vocabulary. This was announced on a Buzz Out Loud. For more information about that, see this article or scroll down. I frequently contribute to the dictionary.

BOL BingoEdit

I started the BOL Bingo page on the Buzz Town Wiki to help orginize all the Bingo cards that were created by members of Buzz Town. I emailed into the show with this anouncement and got on in Episode 872.

Appearances on Buzz Out LoudEdit

Here are the times that I have been read on Buzz Out Loud.

BOL Bingo Category Announcement EmailEdit

I got on Buzz Out Loud Episode 872 with an email announcing that I had created Category:BOL Bingo where you can index your BOL Bingo cards.

Here is the audio from the show.

The Dictionary Page Announcement EmailEdit

I got on Buzz Out Loud Episode 822 for creating The Buzz Out Loud Dictionary on the Buzz Town Wiki.

Here is the audio from the show.

HELP FIND TRIP!!! Forum PostingEdit

I got on Buzz Out Loud Episode 769 with a post I made in the Buzz Out Loud Lounge. The forum posting was a call to the Buzz Out Loud community to help find the long lost Trip. For more information about this, please go to and see the forum post on the forums. That post can be found here.

Here is the audio from the show.

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