Roger G.
New Jersey
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My caricature
I'm a therapist/couples' counselor working out of NJ. Self-professed geek and self-diagnosed know-it-all... I love anything tech, coffee, wine, paintball, podcast, hiphop (old school), faith-debate, or chocolate related... Quote: "Screw Disco... I'm THE best thing that happened to the 70's"

On The WebEdit

I host LuvBuzd... a show about life, love, sex, and all the "insert clever adjective" things in between. Twice a week, I take about 12 minutes to reflect on a relationship-related topic with the hope of shedding some light on things that we often overlook. Nothing 'touchy feely'... no psychobabble (usually)... just straight talk about love from a couples' counselor who likes to occasionally have a drink on camera.

Involvement with Buzz Out LoudEdit

Avid listener, periodic emailer, one-time caller (Molly & the chatroom scolded me for talking so fast & so long)

External linksEdit

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