From about 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM CST March 27, 2008, BOL listener N74JW twittered a live account of a gunman's standoff with police on Walt Whitman Bridge in Philadelphia. Listener Tales supplied a link to a live video stream of the event from a news helicoper. Several listeners monitoring the video feed also used Twitter to relay information to N74JW, who was only a few cars away using an iPhone. N74JW later blogged about the experience.

News AccountsEdit

Chat LogEdit

This is a partial log of WatchBOL from the end of the long standoff. Several mesages have been removed for focus on the event.

Nicknames Message
Saoirsa ooh action
phatemokid oh shizz
Manitook just in time for a comerical
Saoirsa ya huh
Trojanbee7 That is a nice SWAT car
Matthew Back
Trojanbee7 Looks like a custom Hummer
Matthew WHat is up with teh swat?
Trojanbee7 Matthew: They just moved up to hand off a phone
Feld N47JW: "Gunman turned the headlights on in the SUV. Going somewhere?"
Matthew Did i miss anything?
phatemokid oh man that poor little kid must be scared outa their mind
Trojanbee7 true
phatemokid screw the adults
phatemokid poor kid
Trojanbee7 Yeah- the rear lights are flashing crazy
DAKlives aye
Feld N74JW: "SWAT APC pulled up in front of the SUV, 50' off"
Saoirsa so true phatemokid
Feld N74JW: "APC is right in front of SUV"
DAKlives note b47619 hush about what to add to topic
Feld N74JW: "SWAT guys out the back"
Trojanbee7 "We often see them make requests."
Trojanbee7 Oi- can't they move a dash faster- or at least hand off real info to the media
Matthew "Officers have asked for a timeout so they may go get a doughnut"
Feld N74JW: "The two vehicles are nose to nose... The APC is in my line of sight"
Matthew I'm not getting any of his twitt updates
Manitook Matthew take a look at Twitbin firefox add-on it is working great for me
Trojanbee7 Someone Twitter this to Tom and Molly
Trojanbee7 And if you can do it- text them directly.
Matthew I have mobile updates- but have not been getthing them at all lately
phatemokid oh shizz
Saoirsa ooh
Trojanbee7 Tense moment
Feld N74JW: "They have to do this before it gets black up here."
khaled btw, there's a woot off now
Feld N74JW: "Someone is coming out"
Matthew ok
phatemokid hes got the kid
Matthew they are taking him into custody it seems.
Trojanbee7 Matthew: Keep your finger on the refresh
Feld N74JW:"He's out with the child."
Manitook oh man
Trojanbee7 I think we're back to the live feed
Matthew why have they not takin him into custody?
Feld N74JW: "They're on the median talking tovpolice"
Manitook he is being flanked
Manitook cop on right
phatemokid he letting the kid go
Feld N74JW: "Looks like he is letting the child go"
Trojanbee7 I wonder what's happening
Feld on edge of seat.
Matthew I wonder who on the bridge has run out of gas
Trojanbee7 We need one of those old fashion short band radios- to listen to the Cop talk
Trojanbee7 The funny thing about this is
Saoirsa "Medical professionals are talking to the woman/child over median"
*** Trojanbee7 is now known as Trojanbee
Trojanbee This sort of thing happens every day
Trojanbee And now we watch- dragging on everymoment
phatemokid your telling me! i live in la
Trojanbee The feed is getting progressively worse
phatemokid land of retards
DAKlives lighting Trojanbee
Manitook darkness
iansltx  ?
phatemokid someone get industrial light and magic on the phone
Trojanbee lol
DAKlives iansltx:
DAKlives live hostage drama
Matthew Trojanbee, I ahve noticed the same thing, but i thought that it was just me
Trojanbee I would agree that its the loss of light- but you can see the scan lines more clearly
DAKlives i mean where are thier production values??...jk sorry
Trojanbee And there are two semi-translucent bars on the left.
phatemokid ok industrial light and magic on the phone are on there way
Trojanbee Maybe they're shifting bandwidth away from the helicopter shot
Feld N74JW: "Gunman has his hands up
DAKlives its purely an available light issue tro
Trojanbee I have a feeling the pilot is getting tired
Trojanbee Oooh
Trojanbee Night Vision
phatemokid oh man
phatemokid lol
Trojanbee oh man
Trojanbee yeah
Trojanbee I can't tell whats going on.
Trojanbee Cut to the other stream.
Manitook my screens bigger
phatemokid gah! i like the raw feed better
Manitook ya think
phatemokid more suspenseful
Alex66 Hey, what's this hostage thing?
Trojanbee Hmm'
Alex66 This Philly hostage live feed?
Feld N74JW (earlier): "The darker it gets, the less I can see."
Trojanbee It seems like they restarted the other stream- the volume bounced up.
Manitook N74JW (@ - W): Gunman has his hands up 1M Ago
Trojanbee I wonder whats causing the delay.
Manitook cool
iansltx compression is pretty bad on the new feed
phatemokid ok the cop has the kid now shoot thje guy
DAKlives oooh
Matthew phatemokid, agreed
Feld N74JW: "Gunman just hugged the woman"
phatemokid wheres lapd when you need them
Trojanbee They have him on the ground
iansltx heh SWAT teams
Trojanbee I wonder what caused the delay.
Feld N74JW: "Cops got'em , its over"
Saoirsa i was under the impression the lady and kid were kidnapped...were they with him?
Trojanbee It seems like they gave up peacefully.
Matthew I found that tquite surprising.
Trojanbee What if it was the young lady that was holding the other two hostage?
Saoirsa heh
Trojanbee The stream is getting worse
DAKlives maype it was the baby....rolls eyes
Feld N74JW: "Now let us get" ... "outta here"
Trojanbee DAKlives: Ya never know
Alex66 Is that the woman that just walked to the left in handcuffs?
Trojanbee I wonder what the situation was.
Trojanbee Alex66: I think so
DAKlives looked like it
phatemokid it was the trucker with the candle stick in the study
Trojanbee I wonder how young the child is.
Alex66 Fox 29's site refers to it as a baby, so it must be pretty young
Trojanbee Alex66: Except they have less and slower info then we have through N
iansltx through N?
Alex66  ?
Alex66 N?
Saoirsa n74jw
Alex66 oh.
DAKlives N= dude on scene twitering
Saoirsa his twitter feed
iansltx aight
iansltx link to the feed?
Trojanbee whatever else is on the web right now?
iansltx thx
Trojanbee What did she mean?
Trojanbee Back to the live camera feed
DAKlives well that was interesting
Trojanbee I wonder why they haven't turned off the car.
phatemokid this was a doozie
DAKlives hmmm good q Trojanbee
Trojanbee lol
Alex66 Seems everyone is walking away now
DAKlives mebbe for the light lol
Trojanbee Another copter just crossed through the shot.
Feld whew
phatemokid poor n hes gonna be there for at least another hour
Alex66 It's gone
Trojanbee lol
Alex66 The stream's gone
phatemokid lost feed
Trojanbee It flashed their camera
Saoirsa yup
Trojanbee Yeah- the feed looks dead
Alex66 I just heard about this right now. lol
DAKlives well that was an interesting experince
DAKlives here in buzz town
Saoirsa very interesting
Trojanbee Yeah- the feed is really dead- both the link and the site stream.
Alex66 Maybe I can use this to prove to Dvorak that Twitter has a use.
Trojanbee Who is going to write Tom and Molly about it?
DAKlives hehe Alex66
DAKlives thx fer bringing this to us Feld
Trojanbee Doesn't look like JaMoTo have seen this- only one Twitter in the last bit- Tom talking about Veronica
Trojanbee It looks like the story is going to be insane
Feld np DAKlives, would have been someone else if not me.
Alex66 None of the Buzz Crew or any person I'm following (besides the citizens of BuzzTown) are twittering about the hostage thing
phatemokid now what do i do with the couple minutes i have left at work?

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